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STAGSStructural Analysis of General Shells (software)
STAGSSterling Transferable Accruing Government Securities
STAGSSwedish Tank Agility or Survivability
STAGSSimulated Tank Anti-armor Gunnery System
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But now as she caught sight of the stag she pursed her lips as though she would whistle to it.
The stag stopped, turned, and lowered its head preparing to gore her to death.
"Down, Marian!" he cried, and the girl instinctively obeyed, just as the shaft from Robin's bow went whizzing close above her head and struck with terrific force full in the center of the stag's forehead.
While Robin and Marian were having their encounter with the stag, Little John, Much the miller's son, and Will Scarlet had sallied forth to watch the highroad leading to Barnesdale, if perchance they might find some haughty knight or fat priest whose wallet needed lightening.
Participants may field locally banded stags of associations belonging to the International Federation of Gamefowl Breeders (FIGBA-Bakbakan) and Pambansang Federation Ng Gamefowl Breeders, Inc.
Despite missing star forward Allyn Bulanadi who is out for a few weeks with a dislocated shoulder, the Stags still went on to defeat Centro Escolar University, 90-88, on Friday.
The results from last year's survey shows how scarce stags have become -only nine were found in Worcestershire.
He then excelled with the bat as well by striking 48 to emerge as the highest run-getter in the game as Stags Club completed the chase in just 26.1 overs for the loss of only one wicket with Umar Butt (41) and Zain Bin Farooq (38) both returning undefeated.
They have lived in bachelor herds, in equanimity with their fellow stags - until now.
Even as the Stags staged a mini-comeback before the break, the Pirates doused water on any San Sebastian attempt of a comeback.
Groom had sun on face Party organisers are reporting the rise of the "sten" party - joint parties for hens and stags - in a bid to put an end to the social media carnage.
"Some hotels really hate hens and stags and some even put up their rates so much to discourage them."