STAHRStudent Alliance for Healthcare Reform (Pennsylvania)
STAHRSouthern Tier Association for Human Resources (Binghamton, NY)
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STAHR, supra note 214, at 316 (internal quotation marks omitted).
Great Garry landed a 7-2 nap with REGAL REPRIMAND and added next best STAHR (5-4).
More recent approaches can be divided into probability models TESEO (tecnica empirica stima errori operatori), techniques based on time-reliability relationships OATS (operator action trees), HCR (human cognitive reliability), techniques based on human judgements (Confusion Matrix, SLIM (success likelihood index methodology), SCHEMA (system for critical human error management and assessment), APJ (absolute probability judgement)) and influence diagramming techniques STAHR (socio-technical assessments of human reliability)[30].