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STAIState-Trait Anxiety Inventory (psychological assessment)
STAIStrobe a Interrupt
STAISpielberger Trait Anxiety Inventory
STAISekolah Tinggi Agama Islam (Indonesian: Islamic Religious Affairs High School)
STAISupersonic Tunnel Association International (est. 1954)
STAISugar Technologists' Association of India (est. 1925; New Delhi, India)
STAISail Training Association Italia (Italy)
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The spider fear IRAP used in Nicholson and Barnes-Holmes (2012a) was employed along with a series of questionnaires such as the Fear of Spiders Questionnaire (FSQ), State-Trait-Anxiety Inventory (STAI) and the Attentional Control Scale (ACS) and a Behavioral Approach Task (BAT) with a live tarantula.
Preoperatively, the study coordinator was responsible for recruiting and enrolling patients, collecting baseline data, administering the STAI, and notifying the unit charge nurse, clinical nurse specialist (CNS), and unit nurse manager (NM) of study patients' scheduled surgery.
Finally, correlations between BAI scores and the remaining anxiety measures were large and significant: r = .42, p <.001 (Zung), r = .55, p <.001 (STAI-trait), and r = .59, p <.001 (STAI state).
The STAI scores of periodontal patients were significantly higher than those of the gingivitis patients.
Stai's behavior resembled those who were under the influence of bath salts, another synthetic drug that made headlines over the summer.
As a group, the participants with CBS exhibited higher levels of anxiety than did the N-CBS participants when measured with both the STAI and GHQ surveys (see Table 2), but these differences did not reach statistical significance when the Bonferonni correction was applied.
Both groups underwent the following steps: (1) explanation of experiments and provision of informed consent; (2) baseline (resting 5 min); (3) collection of saliva (SI: before stimuli); (4) smelling saffron (20 min) or the alcohol of the 76% level as control; and (5) collection of saliva (S2: after stimuli) and administration of a psychological test (the State-Trait Anxiety Inventory: STAI).
Stai found it's just as important to keep current with online consumer conversations as to follow trends in consumer magazines.
The STAI is a self-report assessment device that consists of separate measures for state and trait anxiety, respectively.
Physiological Contributions to the Validity of Criterion and Construct of the Diagnosis of Anxiety According to the Psychiatric Structured Interview and the State-Trait Anxiety Inventory (STAI) in a Sample of Colombian University Students
Three questionnaires were used as psychological measurements: the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale (HADS), the State Trait Anxiety Inventory (STAI) and the Profile of Mood State (POMS).