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STAIState-Trait Anxiety Inventory (psychological assessment)
STAISpielberger Trait Anxiety Inventory
STAISekolah Tinggi Agama Islam (Indonesian: Islamic Religious Affairs High School)
STAISupersonic Tunnel Association International (est. 1954)
STAISugar Technologists' Association of India (est. 1925; New Delhi, India)
STAISail Training Association Italia (Italy)
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Low positive significant correlations were found between STAI trait anxiety scores and recognition of facial expressions of happiness, anger, and fear (Table 1).
00 Questionnaire STAI state anxiety 25 20-48 52 25-76 STAI trait anxiety 22 20-46 49 21-72 W-DEQ vA 32 0-64 89 26-122 W-DEQ vB 30 0-62 86 24-124 Beck Depression Inventory 6 0-27 18 0-49 Variables P Pain (Visual analog <0.
Ulkemizde bu amacla 1998 yilinda kardiyak cerrahi sonrasi serebral hipoperfuzyon ve yuksek doz fentanil ile barbiturat anestezi stratejilerini karsilastiran arastirmada preoperatif olarak noropsikiyatrik degerlendirme amaciyla STAI -T ve Zung testleri kullamlmistir (10).
The study finding shows a positive correlation between BDI and STAI (Both State and Trait anxiety) scores indicating the relations between the two entities.
These study findings comparing self-report measures of STAI, well-being, and comfort of nurses offering and receiving TT suggests these measures improved post intervention.
In addition, the course instructor who was issuing course grades conducted the study and administered the STAI at each interval, which may have affected the validity of the STAI self-report scores.
17 Although the authors used STAI and BDI to examine anxiety and depression in the study comparing fetal invasive therapy and invasive prenatal diagnosis techniques, we feel that the relatively small number of participants, discrete scales, and distinct patient characteristics were some of the reasons for conflicting results with our study.
0 TABLE 4 How music affected pain and anxiety during diagnostic and operative hysteroscopy (9) Mean score (SD) No-music Music Pain/anxiety scale group group P value DIAGNOSTIC PROCEDURES STAI * (range, 20-80) Before hysteroscopy 39.
A longitudinal SEM approach to STAI data: Two comprehensive multitrait-multistate models.
We analysed the Pearson's correlation between the Burns-A and the STAI scores.
Screening tools such as the trait scale of the STAI may be used to determine early on during students' college career whether they are suffering from elevated and persistent anxiety.
22 Granath 2006 (3) Adjunct PSS Not reported Gupta 2006 (3) Adjunct STAI <.