STAICState-Trait Anxiety Inventory for Children
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La SCAS ha mostrado poseer buena validez convergente, presentando su puntuacion total correlaciones entre 0,70 y 0,80 con varias pruebas de ansiedad general, como el STAIC (Hernandez et al.
Spokesman Ciaran Conlon said: "We said we would pay for a consultant to act on behalf of STAIC once the construction started.
On the first and last days of the treatment period the baseline, during session and post-session assessment measures were collected according to the following schedule: (a) 30 minutes prior to the treatment condition: STAIC and POMS; (b) immediately prior to the treatment condition: pulse rate, saliva samples, and behavior observation ratings based on the previous 30 minutes of the subjects' behavior; (c) immediately after the session: pulse rate, STAIC, POMS, behavior ratings based on the previous 30 minutes of behavior, saliva, and urine samples were taken; (d) thirty minutes after the session: because of the 20-minute lag time, saliva samples were taken for cortisol assays 30 minutes after the session to tap the cortisol levels at the end of the session.