STAISState-Trait Anxiety Inventory State
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The State-Trait Anxiety Inventory (STAI) is one of the most used self-report rneasures of anxiety in research and clinical settings across different cultures (Lonner & Ibrahim, 1989).
Although factor analysis studies have been controversial (Bieling, Antony, & Swinson, 1998), they have revealed that both STAI scales have two factors (Barker, Barker, & Wadsworth, 1977; Endler & Magnusson, 1976; Endler, Magnusson, Ekehammer, & Okada, 1976; Gaudry & Poole, 1975; Loo, 1979; Spielberger, Vagg, Barker, Donham, & Wetsberry, 1980).
But it is reasonable to derive it from an original in -ai-, like Old Irish aes 'age' (cognate with Latin aevurn 'lifetime' and Greek aion 'lifetime') or Middle Irish taes 'dough' (cognate with Greek stais 'wheat-flour dough': Pedersen and Lewis 1937: 9).
With: Stais Boseman, Dwight Curry, Dominie Ellison, Sean Harris, Corey Saffold.
USC Granville four steals from Stais Boseman's school record of 208.
Tuttle Publishing releases Juices: Nature Cure-all for Health and Vitality (by Jan Castorina and Dimitra Stais) in March and Steaming: The Essential Kitchen Series (by Brigid Treloar) in April.
Phase I (from 000-230 hrs of the experiment): The 1st phase of the experiment was conducted according to the following layout: The first 1/2 hrs involved the 1st blood sampling, followed by initial tests of Intellectual Capacity, IC on various memory/attention tasks, as well as answering of the Big Five Trait questionnaire and State Trait Anxiety Inventory, and STAI.
The last 1/2 hrs of the first phase involved the 2nd blood sampling followed by the 2nd test of IC on various memory/attention tasks, answering of the Big Five Trait questionnaire, and STAI.
You've reached Twisted Oak Winery, brainchild of Jeff and Mary Stai, abetted by winemaker Scott Klann (aka Fermento the Magnificent).