STAMISStandard Army Management Information System
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Deploy sustainment automation support management office personnel, field service representatives, accountable officers, maintenance technicians, and SAMS--E and GCSS--Army operators with pertinent equipment, to include the ASL, as the torch party to conduct the STAMIS gunnery.
Conducting a STAMIS communication gunnery by setting up the satellite dishes and computers and ensuring all systems (including VSAT, CAISI, SAMS, SARSS, and PBUSE) can communicate with one another.
The organizational change management period provides units with ample time to prepare their people, processes, and data for the conversion from their legacy STAMISs to the improved processes and systems within GCSS--Army.
McLane Advanced Technologies also offers the following STAMIS Training classes: SAMS-1E, SAMS-2E, SAMS-E Manager Training, SASMO Training, SAMS-E Train-The-Trainer, SAMS-IE, PBUSE, SARSS, and ULLS-A (E).
The increased focus on sustainment activities at SEC-Lee came about because SEC leadership recognized the opportunity to achieve greater efficiencies for contracting efforts, testing facilities, information assurance, and customer support by consolidating responsibility for all the STAMIS systems under SEC-Lee.
Enterprise Management at the local level One tool missing from the STAMIS architecture is an enterprise management solution that can be administered at the local level.
Establish FTP data transfer between the STAMIS computers.
This course covers setup, operation, and troubleshooting of 10 logistics STAMISs for CSSAMO personnel.
The MILVAN/ISO container outside is almost full, but you think your STAMIS computer system will just fit.
A common operating picture is available in the C4ISR cell of the LCP on three screens, which show all STAMIS (Blue Force Tracker, Force XXI Battle Command Brigade and Below, BCS3, C2PC, All Source Analysis System-Light), the previous battle update briefing slides, and a 24-hour news program.
I was greatly concerned that if the 48th BCT didn't have access to CSS VSAT/CAISI until after they deployed to Iraq, they would miss the opportunity during their NTC rotation to perfect the tactics, techniques and procedures required to successfully conduct STAMIS operations in Iraq," said Flynn, who has assisted the 3ID and other units to perfect just such TTPs during prior rotations at the NTC.