STAMISStandard Army Management Information System
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Units questioned the value added of conducting a STAMIS gunnery when deploying GCSS--Army to JRTC because it seemed time-consuming.
* Conducting a STAMIS communication gunnery by setting up the satellite dishes and computers and ensuring all systems (including VSAT, CAISI, SAMS, SARSS, and PBUSE) can communicate with one another.
The increased focus on sustainment activities at SEC-Lee came about because SEC leadership recognized the opportunity to achieve greater efficiencies for contracting efforts, testing facilities, information assurance, and customer support by consolidating responsibility for all the STAMIS systems under SEC-Lee.
Enterprise Management at the local level One tool missing from the STAMIS architecture is an enterprise management solution that can be administered at the local level.
The intent was to simulate logistics calls for support by passing Joint Capabilities Release-initiated information to GCSS-MC through an enterprise service bus and to a standard Army management information system (STAMIS).
The FSB established the BCT's Standard Army Management Information System (STAMIS) architecture and maintained the daily 026 Report, originally by disc drop from the Standard Army Maintenance System-1 and later via email.
CAISI 2.0 systems, LTC Edmonds said, are deployed down to the company level and are tied into CSS VSATs at the battalion or brigade level for NIPRNET satellite connectivity to transmit their STAMIS transactions.
Since the Army does not appear to track certain military intelligence and signal systems using a current Standard Army Management Information System (STAMIS), brigade- and division-level maintenance managers must record maintenance issues on spreadsheets, which, unlike the STAMISs, do not provide any visibility to commanders on the battlefield.
PEO STAMIS (Standard Army Management Information Systems) began in April 1987 with five programs.
DSU is an automated tool designed to validate and stage STAMIS data based on business rules and create load files for GCSS--Army conversion and migration.