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STAMPSet Top Applications and Middleware Platform
STAMPSecurities Transfer Association Medallion Program
STAMPStation Area Master Plan (transportation; Colorado)
STAMPSurvivors Take Action Against Abuse by Military Personnel
STAMPStay Tobacco-Free Athlete Mentor Program
STAMPStandard Air Munitions Package
STAMPStop Tobacco Abuse of Minors Pronto
STAMPStandards-Based Assessment & Measurement of Proficiency
STAMPSouth Tyneside Academy of Musical Performance (UK)
STAMPSelling Tobacco and Alcohol to Minors Program (Kingsborough Community College
STAMPSpace Technology and Analysis and Mission Planning
STAMPStructures Asset Management Process
STAMPStrategic and Tactical Modeling Process
STAMPStratospheric/Troposphere Aerosol Measurement Program
STAMPSpecial Team for Amputation Mobility and Prosthetics/Orthotics
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Grandfather spoke briefly of the public measures that were taken in opposition to the Stamp Act.
They sent a humble petition to the king, and a memorial to the Parliament, beseeching that the Stamp Act might be repealed.
"The king had appointed him to be distributor of the stamps," answered Grandfather.
He had no money for stamps, so the manuscripts accumulated in a heap under the table.
Later on he pawned his watch, and still later his wheel, reducing the amount available for food by putting stamps on all his manuscripts and sending them out.
He folded the stamps in with his manuscript, dropped it into the letter-box, and from three weeks to a month afterward the postman came up the steps and handed him the manuscript.
An instinct is merely a habit that is stamped into the stuff of our heredity, that is all.
Among his stamps are the 26 stamps that he has made on the Quaid-i-Azam of which the best one is undoubtedly the gold stamp.
According to the budget documents, a new rate for stamp duty will be applicable from the beginning of the next fiscal year on July 1.
"An early stamp depicts Ajanta caves, one has the Kakatiya gateway.
'We hope you will be our ambassador in promoting this precious stamps to bring back the interest of our children as well as our stamp collectors all over the world to patronize our own Philippine stamps,' Fulgencio told Gray.