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STAMPSurvivors Take Action Against Abuse by Military Personnel
STAMPStay Tobacco-Free Athlete Mentor Program
STAMPStandard Air Munitions Package
STAMPStop Tobacco Abuse of Minors Pronto
STAMPStandards-Based Assessment & Measurement of Proficiency
STAMPSouth Tyneside Academy of Musical Performance (UK)
STAMPSpace Technology and Analysis and Mission Planning
STAMPStructures Asset Management Process
STAMPStrategic and Tactical Modeling Process
STAMPStratospheric/Troposphere Aerosol Measurement Program
STAMPSpecial Team for Amputation Mobility and Prosthetics/Orthotics
STAMPSelling Tobacco and Alcohol to Minors Program (Kingsborough Community College
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They therefore made a most stubborn resistance to the Stamp Act.
Grandfather spoke briefly of the public measures that were taken in opposition to the Stamp Act.
They sent a humble petition to the king, and a memorial to the Parliament, beseeching that the Stamp Act might be repealed.
It is better to help his friends by lending them a stamp.
The writer grunted doubtfully, but took a stamp out of his desk, sealed the letter, handed it over to Kim, and departed.
Thou art as clever as Husain Bux that forged the Treasury stamps at Nucklao.
And then there was the vast lot of stamp paper on the window.
Not that a half-crown, shilling, halfpenny, or postage stamp, would be particularly acceptable from Mr Boffin, but that it is so obvious he is the man to make up the deficiency.
There is infinite variety in the gales of wind at sea, and except for the peculiar, terrible, and mysterious moaning that may be heard sometimes passing through the roar of a hurricane - except for that unforgettable sound, as if the soul of the universe had been goaded into a mournful groan - it is, after all, the human voice that stamps the mark of human consciousness upon the character of a gale.
His companion on these occasions was Bell, the lad in the haberdashery, who stayed in often to arrange the stamps he collected.
He folded them just so, put the proper stamps inside the long envelope along with the manuscript, sealed the envelope, put more stamps outside, and dropped it into the mail-box.
When he came back he laid a thousand two-cent stamps on May Sethby's desk.