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STAMPSStand Alone Message Processing System
STAMPSStrategic Tactical Automated Mission Planning System
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"The Stamp Act," replied Grandfather, "was a law by which all deeds, bonds, and other papers of the same kind were ordered to be marked with the king's stamp; and without this mark they were declared illegal and void.
Later on he pawned his watch, and still later his wheel, reducing the amount available for food by putting stamps on all his manuscripts and sending them out.
The note of dread in the shouting voice, the practical truth of these words, heard years ago from a man I did not like, have stamped its peculiar character on that gale.
On they rushed, and their plumes lay back upon the wind, till it seemed as though they must stamp us flat.
"Half that ails you is hysterics and temper--just hysterics--hysterics--hysterics!" and she stamped each time she said it.
The door of the next car opened, and Colonel Proctor appeared on the platform, attended by a Yankee of his own stamp as his second.
"Oh, but I hate myself for being a woman!" she cried, with a stamp of her little foot.
A purse and gold watch were found upon the victim: but no cards or papers, except a sealed and stamped envelope, which he had been probably carrying to the post, and which bore the name and address of Mr.
Kaliko hastily withdrew, and the Nome King stamped up and down until the General of his armies appeared.
Thus, when you and I, asleep or dozing off to sleep, fall through space and awake to sickening consciousness just before we strike, we are merely remembering what happened to our arboreal ancestors, and which has been stamped by cerebral changes into the heredity of the race.
She stamped her foot at him to be gone, and uttered a harsh and intimidating cry.
Also, he advised me to have nothing to say to young fellows of that stamp, and added that he sympathised with me as though he were my own father, and would gladly help me in any way he could.