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STAMSStrategies To Achieve Mathematics Success (series; Curriculum Associates, Inc.)
STAMSServices and Technology Acquisition Management Sector (Canada)
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His friend joked that the the big piece would look good in Stam's front yard, "and then when I walked around the other side of it, there was a 'for sale' sign," Stam says.
We must have had 500 people - even Highway Patrol people - take pictures of it along the way," Stam says.
Within the Jefferson community, public support has been overwhelming, Stam says.
We've had over 200,000 hits from 34 countries already," Stam says.
Between the Native American beading classes she teaches and planning for the traditional meal that will be served, Gwin Stam is madly painting canvas for the three teepees that will be set up on the lawn near the monument.
She's painting one teepee with horses on it, one with wolves and one with bear," Stam says mischievously.
And as he headed towards the home changing room moments after the final whistle, he had already taken the decision to off-load 29-year-old Stam.
As Ferguson let rip in the dressing room and laid into the side, Stam came into his sight and all hell broke lose.
The big Dutchman was already close to the edge, so when Ferguson let out his frustrations, Stam lost his temper.
The gaffer was steaming into everyone about the performance but when he started on Stam, Jaap was having none of it and more than stood his ground.
Ferguson wasted no time instructing Elite Sports Group Limited, of which his son Jason is a director, to find a buyer for Stam.
Lazio were the first port of call but Ferguson insisted Stam was not to be offered to a Premiership rival, notably Liverpool - who had tried to sign Stam prior to his Old Trafford move.