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STANAGStandardization Agreement (NATO)
STANAGStandardization Agreement
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After promulgation of STANAG 7141, it became apparent that NATO lacked EP policy.
The first effort to bridge this gap in 2003 was the development and ratification of a STANAG (4) by the Food and Water Safety and Veterinary Support panel (FWSVS).
A STANAG lower receiver for it will cost $372 more.
(2) STANAG 2296/AJP, Allied Joint Doctrine for Military Police, 21 September 2009.
As elsewhere, there are no especially dramatic changes in this new issue, Dorey says, but in places there is now reference to the relevant Nato Stanag. "For instance, Part 2 deals with the maximum environment that equipment is ever going to experience in air, land and sea and here they've now got to refer out to the Nato standards, so that's a change," he says.
The current European product for military use is the Resistan, which ranges from Stanag 4569 Level 1 to 4, in which the identification number indicates the thickness in mm.
Each STANAG has a "custodian"--a nation whose delegates serve as the lead authors of the agreement and who shepherd the agreement through a series of study drafts and ratiication drafts to ultimate ratiication and adoption as NATO doctrine.
The Nimr 6x6 Armored Personnel Carrier has just been issued a level three STANAG 4569 certificate - which means it is capable of withstanding mines and ballistic attacks.
The goal of each panel is to ensure that each STANAG enhances interoperability.
Nexter refers to the Aravis 4-4-4-4 protection in reference to the STANAG (Nato standardisation agreement), level 4 protection standards for ballistic, mine, artillery burst and improvised explosive device protection.
For Splinter Protection Level: STANAG 4569 Level IV (Artillery) it offers for 20 mm, 54 gram Splinter a system weight: approx.
HiPer-texao glass fibre delivers these benefits in ballistic applications that meet the following standards: FB4, STANAG 4569 Level 2 and STANAG 4569 Level 4.