STANCHARTStandard Chartered Bank (short form for a well known bank in Asia)
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13 LOADED BAGSHowever, the officers turned out to be criminals on reaching Nairobi West and demanded part of the money.Later, they demanded for StanChart's ATM passwords and withdrew more cash.
StanChart attributed the increase to its Cash Management and Financial Markets divisions.
Stanchart expects inflation to fall below 2 percent in the second half, giving the BSP room to cut policy rates further, after the initial reduction in May.
He said StanChart sees the current account deficit easing to 1.3 percent of GDP in 2019 and one percent of GDP in 2020 from the projected 1.
StanChart and Indonesia conglomerate PT Astra International has jointly controlled Permata since taking it over from the government in 2004, each owning slightly less than 45 per cent.
StanChart eased -0.96% to close at 207.00 and traded 23,200 shares.
Ramachandran has been with StanChart for three decades and has been its chief risk officer for retail banking since 2014.
Barclays would be delighted to get access to StanChart's $56 billion in Asian deposits and its franchises in some of the hottest banking markets in the Pacific Rim.
While the sources said McFarlane, himself a former StanChart employee, had "a real affinity" for his former workplace, they also said it would be surprising if the deal actually materialized, even though it would be the logical thing to happen.
The impairment losses on loans in India were also the highest at $1.3 billion for StanChart - more than double of the $611-million hit it took due to credit losses in the UK.
While the peso has underperformed compared with other regional currencies this month, Stanchart analysts think it will not be for long.