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STANDStudents Taking Action Now: Darfur
STANDStudents Taking A New Direction
STANDStudents Taking Action Not Drugs
STANDStay True and Never Deviate (youth guidance organization)
STANDStart Taking Action Now for Diabetes (US national movement)
STANDSimply Trust and Never Doubt
STANDStudents Together Advocating Non-Discrimination
STANDStudents of Texas Against Narcotics and Drinking
STANDStand Together Against Narcotics and other Illegal Drugs
STANDSeeking Truth And New Dimensions
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Stand still in bright array ye Saints, here stand Ye Angels arm'd, this day from Battel rest; Faithful hath been your Warfare, and of God Accepted, fearless in his righteous Cause, And as ye have receivd, so have ye don Invincibly; but of this cursed crew The punishment to other hand belongs, Vengeance is his, or whose he sole appoints; Number to this dayes work is not ordain'd Nor multitude, stand onely and behold Gods indignation on these Godless pourd By mee; not you but mee they have despis'd, Yet envied; against mee is all thir rage, Because the Father, t' whom in Heav'n supream Kingdom and Power and Glorie appertains, Hath honourd me according to his will.
"Then, and there, before the judgment-seat, thy mother, and thou, and I must stand together.
a great red letter in the sky -- the letter A, which we interpret to stand for Angel.
Only I stood still, covered, as I was with mire and filth, for I did not fear to stand in the presence of the king.
"Stand aside, son of Makedama, who art named an evildoer!
"Stand ye on one side!" said the king to those who had been smelt out; "and ye who have hunted out their wickedness, stand ye with those who named Mopo, son of Makedama.
And they named certain of the great generals, and were in turn bidden to stand on one side together with those whom they had named.
"Then here stand I a free man, and right gladly will I enter thy household," said Little John, for he thought he might find some merry jest, should he enter the Sheriff's service.
The stand is valued at $999 and was made specifically for the Pro Display XDR.
The stand comes with six modular uprights, a target stand, and a target backer.
The final round of stand moves were rolled out on Monday as work on Kirklees Council's PS400,000 overhaul of the building continues.
Your odds of taking a nice buck are never higher than the very first time you sit in a new stand. In fact, I have arrowed most of my bucks the first time I sat a new stand or the first time after a long layoff.