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STANZASpanish Teachers' Association of New Zealand Aotearoa
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His genius has had no better description than in this stanza from William Winter's poem, read at the dedication exercises of the Actors' Monument to Poe, May 4, 1885, in New York:
In a very different and narrower sense 'verse' means 'line' (never properly 'stanza').
We have indeed picked out those stanzas from a quiet personal record of certain amorous hours of early youth in that quaint arctic land, Mr.
The paper on the top was a translation of some grave French author into English, but underneath lay a sheet with stanzas; on this I laid hands.
Milton's original metrical version, written with others during 1623-1624, has twenty-four stanzas, obviously too many for congregations to sing.
As part of its growth strategy, Stanza Living has been focusing on expanding network, strengthening its technology platforms and increasing team strength across cities.
The stanza itself is irregular, five lines instead of four, and the music, imitating her description of prayer, is "baffling," just as the meaning is a bit confusing.
In the final line of the stanza, the Middle English text in E 175/11/16, "Hou may pat eorthe on eorthe wo belden" (1.
There's no need for every stanza to connect logically to the one before or after.
Part of the song's appeal comes from the sudden shift from Suzanne in the first stanza to Christ in the second.