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STANZASpanish Teachers' Association of New Zealand Aotearoa
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Since this word or variants opens and closes most of the stanzas in section 2, this is no small choice.
These four visual couplets present three major images ("wheel / barrow," "rain / water," and "chickens" in stanzas 2-4) together with the speaker's reflection on their importance ("so much depends upon" in stanza 1).
The version of 'The Gypsy Laddie' (Child 200) is pretty much that published by Ramsay in The Tea-Table Miscellany; and the Johnny Armstrong' (Child 169) is from Percy's Reliques, but lacking the first stanza.
There's no need for every stanza to connect logically to the one before or after.
Part of the song's appeal comes from the sudden shift from Suzanne in the first stanza to Christ in the second.
The fashion (see Vali Vijelie--Moda care a iesit/The Fashion That Came Up, stanza 1).
Stanza Stones Trail Developer Tom Lonsdale said: "Hardened walkers can tackle it all in one go but the guide is written for those wishing to walk it in three sections from Marsden to Hebden Bridge, Hebden Bridge to Bingley and finally Bingley to Ilkley.
Thus, the pairs of verses 7 & 8 and 11 & 12 each form a stanza.
strophic, 5 stanzas 14 measures per stanza farewell to the harp, the seasons of life E minor; [D#.
Here each guide mark not only indicates a change in topic but also demonstrates Hoccleve's clear poetic style and the orderly, logical progression of his work, marking the first, second, third, and fourth points made in the stanza.
Stanza length is also significant in Herbert's overall strategy.
Additionally, melodic motives (or formulas) of various kinds are incorporated in the textual lines/melodic phrases, and a specific melodic motive comprising a closing cadence for each stanza in the chant.