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STAPScientific and Technical Advisory Panel
STAPSpouse Tuition Aid Program (Navy Maine Corps Relief Society)
STAPSingle Trooper Aerial Platform (Star Wars)
STAPSubsequent Term Alignment Plan
STAPSociété Tunisienne d'Anatomie Pathologique
STAPSpanning Tree Algorithm and Protocol
STAPSIGINT Technical Analysis Position
STAPStudies & Analysis Program
STAPSelect Train Assign and Promote (NC National Guard promotion system)
STAPSpace-Time Adaptive Processing
STAPShort Term Action Plan (for Infrastructure)
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The IDC report affirms Lancope's position as a leader in the STAP space.
She claimed there was a secret knack for creating STAP cells, but has refused to publicise it, asserting it is a subject of her future papers.
To prove that the STAP cells could indeed turn into every cell type in the body, researchers injected the cells into early mice embryos.
In this respect, STAP can provide such a discipline.
Then every day this week in the Daily Record collect another free LEGO toy, Mini TIE Fighter , Battle Droid on STAP , Mini V-19 Torrent and General Grievous' Starfighter .
In this new edition he adds a new chapter on the impact of the radar range equation on the STAP performance while retaining earlier materials on signal and interference models, properties of airborne clutter, adaptive space-time processors, space-time subspace techniques, spatial transforms for linear arrays, adaptive space-time digital filters, space-frequency processing, radar ambiguities, STAP under jamming conditions, bistatic radar, and target parameter estimation.
The GEF Council at its meeting in June 2006, requested the executive director of UNEP and the chair of the STAP to review the terms of reference of the STAP and to develop a proposal for the Council to enhance the panel's effectiveness and relevance to the GEF.
The total cost of projects identified in STAP is approximately US$8,125 million.
LAST MONTH, pioneering Japanese stem cell researcher Yoshiki Sasai took his own life after the public scandal surrounding the retraction of two now infamous STAP stem cell papers, of which he was a senior author.
Obokata has been trying in tandem to reproduce her own results since July, but the existence of the STAP cells at this point looks highly doubtful, the Nikkei said.
The scientists say that mistakes in the work now make them question the existence of STAP cells, short for stimulus-triggered acquisition of pluripotency cells.