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STAPShort Term Action Plan (for Infrastructure)
STAPSpace-Time Adaptive Processing
STAPStimulus-Triggered Acquisition of Pluripotency (cells)
STAPScientific and Technical Advisory Panel
STAPSpouse Tuition Aid Program (Navy Maine Corps Relief Society)
STAPSingle Trooper Aerial Platform (Star Wars)
STAPSelect Train Assign and Promote (NC National Guard promotion system)
STAPSubsequent Term Alignment Plan
STAPSociété Tunisienne d'Anatomie Pathologique
STAPSpanning Tree Algorithm and Protocol
STAPSummer Treatment Activities Program (child psychology)
STAPSIGINT Technical Analysis Position
STAPStudies & Analysis Program
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According to the principle of STAP theory, the degree of freedom (DOF) of STAP processors should be larger than that of clutter, so the estimation of clutter DOF for SIMO radar and MIMO radar has been intensively studied.
Stap also thinks the partnership will be an opportunity for both the tribe and the public to learn about steps dairy farmers are already taking to keep cow manure out of streams and the watershed.
Meanwhile, the CCM estimation and its inversion are required in the processing of GIP, which lead to the heavy computational complexity of STAP and go against efficient target detection.
Despite the retractions, claims persisted that the essential science of STAP was valid and that issues of replication could be solved through refined protocols.
But media attention soon grew into scepticism as doubts emerged about Obokata's papers on Stimulus-Triggered Acquisition of Pluripotency (STAP).
However, the verification team at Riken has been unable to find any tangible proof of the existence of STAP cells and the possibility of creating them with any success.
Mature cells were exposed to acid, which caused enough stress to the cells to then revert back to stem cells called STAP cells.
LAHORE -- The Small Traders Association Punjab (STAP) has praised economic policies of the government to counter challenges on different fronts.
29 in the journal Nature detailed research showing success with a process called stimulus-triggered acquisition of pluripotency, or STAP.
They showed that mammalian somatic cells can be reprogrammed when stressed by low-pH (acidic) conditions, and call the process "stimulus-triggered acquisition of pluripotency", or STAP.
Haruko Obokata, the leader of the study, and her all female research team reported they have discovered a new phenomenon, known as stimulus-triggered acquisition of pluripotency (STAP).
Haruko Obokata, 30, stating that the young women had shown great talent and initiative in discovering the new phenomenon, known as stimulus-triggered acquisition of pluripotency (STAP).