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STAPShort Term Action Plan (for Infrastructure)
STAPSpace-Time Adaptive Processing
STAPStimulus-Triggered Acquisition of Pluripotency (cells)
STAPScientific and Technical Advisory Panel
STAPSpouse Tuition Aid Program (Navy Maine Corps Relief Society)
STAPSingle Trooper Aerial Platform (Star Wars)
STAPSelect Train Assign and Promote (NC National Guard promotion system)
STAPSubsequent Term Alignment Plan
STAPSociété Tunisienne d'Anatomie Pathologique
STAPSpanning Tree Algorithm and Protocol
STAPSummer Treatment Activities Program (child psychology)
STAPSIGINT Technical Analysis Position
STAPStudies & Analysis Program
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Inspired by the rapid development of sparse representation (SR) and compressed sensing (CS) theory, clutter covariance matrix (CCM) can be estimated by utilizing SR technique [10,11] which needs much fewer training samples compared with traditional STAP methods, and it is referred to as SR-STAP in [10-12].
Despite the retractions, claims persisted that the essential science of STAP was valid and that issues of replication could be solved through refined protocols.
She claimed there was a secret knack for creating STAP cells, but has refused to publicise it, asserting it is a subject of her future papers.
In February, the Riken Center was notified of concerns that the two research papers on STAP cells showed research misconduct.
STAP cells have characteristics that resemble embryonic stem cells, but the STAP cells only have a limited capacity for self-renewal.
To prove that the STAP cells could indeed turn into every cell type in the body, researchers injected the cells into early mice embryos.
Berry, "Pre-Doppler direct data domain approach to STAP," Signal Processing, Vol.
Therefore, aiming at the problem of the nonhomogeneous environment and large computation burden of fully adaptive space time processing, some typical suboptimal STAP approaches were proposed [31-37].
The signing ceremony took place at the KSE Auditorium, where the managing director KSE Nadeem Naqvi and President STAP, Ovais Ahsan signed the MoU.
STAP is a technique of two-dimensional filtering which allows simultaneous suppression of the clutter and white noise.
The increase in share-based compensation expense is attributable to increases in expenses recognized in connection with outstanding awards granted under our STAP and a potential year-end stock option grant to our Chief Executive Officer, which is based on a formula set forth in her employment agreement, both reflecting the increase in the price of our common stock over the three months ended March 31, 2010.