STAPOStaatspolizei (Federal Police, Austria)
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Nenugincijama sasaja yra ir tarp darbuotojo kompetencijos, ir iUsilavinimo, darbo staPo ir pan., todel i rodikliu sistema buvo itraukti juos atspindintys bei kiti rodikliai.
BORO LIONS (at Guisborough, 1.30, 3.00): Stapo, Edwards, Venis, Simpson, Scott, Mason, Johnson, Smith, James, Robson, Brown, Wardell, Slone, Rock, Dennis.
GOT into areas to break Stapo's record, but just couldn't finish the chances that came his way on the night.
My love to your three daughters, two grandaughters and your sisters and brother.) - Much love from your lifelong friend of 55 years.) - Mo Stapo, New Zealand x.
There's nothing compares in this big old world Than a father's love for his baby girl From that special moment she is born His life is changed for evermore Holding her tightly in his arms Vowing to protect her from all harm Gazing lovingly into her eyes And singing her sweet lullabies Daddy's heart is taken forever A stronger love you will find never Always be there for his baby girl Walk across hot coals to the ends of the world As she matures the bond does grow Closer than ever and rightly so A girl will always need her dad To laugh with her and comfort when sad Even when she finally leaves To live her life and fulfil her dreams His heart will carry on the wings of a dove For nothing compares to a father's love Tony Stapo, via email A FATHER'S LOVE
So as we celebrate Remembrance Day Remember the fallen as we worship and pray The brave souls lost in faraway lands Will forever be remembered in OUR ENGLAND by Tony Stapo
hang your heads in shame He was my friend and will always be In my heart and my soul for eternity I hate the fact he's not here with me Though I see him in dreams constantly Resting in peace with his mum and dad At least he enjoyed the short life he had As another year passes I feel total pride I know my best friend still stands by my side Don't care how many people in my life come and go I'll celebrate him always Happy Five - 0 Naldo Tony Stapo, via email
MR Stapo tells a mother she has 'no need toworry'' when her sons go boxing, and not to dread to think 'what a phone call may bring' ' (Poem: A Mother's Pride, ECHO September 27).
RIP Anne x From the proudest city on the planet RIP ANNE - JFT96-YNWA X Tony Stapo 18/04/13 A saint of our great city has sadly passed away She fought with all her heart and pride through tears and dismay Never seeing justice though thankfully the proof That Liverpool were innocent, she finally got the truth An inspiration to us all no matter how life goes She battled on the long long road as every door was closed She took on the lying police the corrupt government too
You fought for the truth with dignity and won it with pride JFT96 - YNWATony Stapo, September 12, 2012
by Tony Stapo HEARTBROKEN I saw you in church today You are heartbroken I saw you in church today And not a word was spoken A lady offered comfort You sighed and turned away And continued gentle sobbing In your eagerness to pray I said an extra prayer for you To help you in your sorrow And know that God will hear it And help you with tomorrow.