STAR 21Strategic Technologies for the Army Report - 21st Century
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"The captain [at the schoolhouse in Pensacola] called up all the CNATTUs and said, "'We're going to accelerate STAR 21. Not only that, but we're going to take STAR 21 to its full potential as fast as possible'" said Cochran.
"I didn't find out I was even in STAR 21 until I got my orders at boot camp," said AN Anthony Gist, class leader for AM Class 035, "When I learned I was part of it and I learned some of the advantages I thought it was great."
Ladd says CNATTU is fairly close to reaching STAR 21's full potential.
The full text of the Communication and the STAR 21 report are available on the Internet at:
STAR 21 Networks is a leading regional provider of Internet, Intranet and Extranet solutions via a Wireless Local Loop and a fiber optic backbone covering 2,900 kilometers.
"We are expanding quickly and needed a service assurance solution that would deploy rapidly and integrate with our existing and future technology equipment," said John Stachowiak, CEO, STAR 21 Networks.
After a competitive review of the market, STAR 21 Networks implemented Micromuse's flagship Netcool(R)/OMNIbus(TM) application together with the Netcool(R)/Impact(TM) solution to help consolidate event information and present realtime views of service-affecting faults across STAR 21 Networks' fibre optic network.
Star 21, a broadband access provider, will initially purchase a 30% stake in sorentiQ, while the IT services company TDS will own the remainder.
The AECMA called on the Member States and the European Union to participate in the on-going debate on the STAR 21 report, which recommends the creation of a more integrated European defence market, which should be organised along more rational lines and adequately funded.
Denis Ranque, President and Chief Executive Officer of Thales, and a member of the STAR 21 Advisory Group, meanwhile pointed out that the STAR 21 recommendations were an important step, but had to be urgently followed through concrete actions by the European Commission and the Member States.
Speaking at the Farnborough International Air Show in the UK, Research Commissioner Philippe Busquin said they were "consistent with our 2020 vision for aeronautics and the STAR 21 report (Strategic Aerospace Review for the 21st Century) released by the Commission on July 16 (see European Report 2701, Section III).
The European Advisory Group on Aerospace, STAR 21, created at the initiative of aerospace industry with the support of the European Commission, held its inaugural meeting on July 6.