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STARFSyndicat des Technicien(ne)s et Artisan(e)s du Réseau Français de Radio-Canada (French)
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The Committee on National Statistics' final report (Fienberg, Martin, and Starf, 1985) offered 18 specific recommendations regarding sharing research data.
In the Roman de la Rose, for example, the fountain in which the lover first catches sight of his "rose" carries the inscription "Here starf the fayre Narcissus."(3) In Petrarch's "Una candida cerva" the miraculous allegorical vision of Laura as a pure white doe is said to have lasted until "I fell into the water, and she disappeared."(4) Joel Fineman has recently argued that far from offering an alternative to the ostensibly heterosexual orientatio of the "Petrarchan" poet-lover, Shakespeare's Sonnets bring out into the open "the homosexual truth subtending the poetics of admiration from Beatrice onwards" (17).
Darwood, with the participation of the board president, board members and its building starf, developed and implemented a revised set of life safety security rules.
Once we got back home to Hampshire for the Halloween celebrations, we were soon pinning up spiders and cobwebs alongside the real ones, when I caught her trying to put a sign on her door which says "Starf only", which obviously means me.