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STARLabSpace Telecommunications and Radioscience Laboratory
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Design-led with the spirit and agility of a start-up, Starlab brings together a cross-section of the company's digital, design and luxury brand teams in one urban office for the first time.
Starlab also houses a Tech Lab to experiment and test the Starwood's latest digital innovations, such as SPG Keyless , which allows guests to bypass traditional check-in processes and use their smartphones to enter their rooms.
The experiment has been possible thanks to a collaboration with the Berenson Allen Center for Non-invasive Brain Stimulation at Beth Israel Medical Center, the Harvard Medical School, the University of Barcelona and the Spanish company Starlab.
An Agilent E8362C PNA series vector network analyzer was utilized to measure the SWR characteristics, while a Satimo Starlab 0.6-18 GHz anechoic chamber was used to measure the gain and radiation patterns as shown in Figure 6(a).
It is led by the Idiap Research Institute (Switzerland) and also involves the University of Southampton (UK), University of Cagliari (Italy), University of Oulu (Finland), Universidad Autonoma de Madrid (Spain), EURECOM (France), a Graduate school and research centre in communication systems, Morpho (Safran) (France), the world leader in biometric solutions, Starlab Barcelona (Spain), a company that turns science into technologies, the Chinese Academy of Sciences (China), KeyLemon (Switzerland), a company providing convenient and secure access solutions based on face and speaker recognition, BIOMETRY (Switzerland), a company providing multimodal simultaneous biometrics with random challenge response, and the Centre for Science, Society and Citizenship (Italy).
The operation of the filter balun was validated by using vector network analyzer (VNA) with a probe station whereas the antenna designs were validated with Satimo StarLab measurements using fresh beef to model human body.
In our measurement scenario, Satimo starlab D is employed to measure the radiation pattern of the antenna.
The radiation patterns measurements are performed with the StarLab (Fig.
The new order is for an 18 GHz StarLab and MG-Lab system that the company said is compact and mobile equipment, which will meet the client's budget, performance and ease of use requirements.
The Pembrokeshire schools StarLab has a projector and computersimulated star display.
Giving further details, Spokesperson PSF Rehana Batool said the Foundation also organizes Starlab Planetarium and Film Shows in the schools and colleges on their request during special events like Parents Day, Annual Prize Distribution Ceremony, Sports Day etc.