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Starn thinks the college football season already is too long.
Starn suggests that Isidore's definition may come from Cassiodorus and ultimately be traced back to Cicero.
Natalie Zemon Davis and Randolph Starn, "Introduction," Memory and Counter-Memory, in Representations 26 0989): 2.
Starn, who directs Youth Ballet Colorado and also works with public school teachers to use dance to help students learn other subjects.
Later in 1998, anthropologist Orin Starn of Duke University in Durham, N.
Certain varieties that we grow - especially the Carson cling peach - are more susceptible than others, and we use certified stock," says John Starn.
ETNT Success Stories: Daniel Starn of Millville, NJ, lost 65 pounds in just 15 months - and has kept it off for two years.
The author notably eschews the term exile, in contrast to Randolph Starn (Contrary Commonwealth: The Theme of Exile in Medieval and Renaissance Italy [1982]) and Christine Shaw (The Politics of Exile in Renaissance Italy [2000]).
Born in New Jersey in 1961, identical twins Mike and Doug Starn began working collaboratively as teenagers.
The volume ends with an afterword by Randolph Starn drawing optimistic conclusions to this varied and complex collection and the polycentric scholarship embodied in its articles.
4) In their critique of Southern literary and cultural history, their poems can be read as acts of countermemory, which invoke "residual or resistant strains that withstand official versions of historical continuity" (Davis and Starn 2).
Tedey Duran scored on a 19-yard run and Matthew Starn booted a 30-yard field goal to give Ventura a 9-0 halftime lead.