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STARSSurveillance Target Attack Radar System
STARSStreamlined Technology Acquisition Resources for Services (federal contracts)
STARSStudent Technician and Resource Specialist
STARSSoftware Technology for Adaptable & Reliable Systems
STARSSoftware Technology for Adaptable Reliable Systems
STARSStandard Terminal Automation Replacement System
STARSSpecial Tactics and Rescue Service (Resident Evil game)
STARSShock Trauma Air Rescue Society
STARSStandard Terminal Arrival Routes (US FAA)
STARSSpecial Tactics and Rescue Squad
STARSSTock Appreciation Ranking System (Standard & Poor's)
STARSStandard Accounting and Reporting System
STARSStatewide Accounting and Reporting System
STARSStudents Today Aren't Ready for Sex (abstinence based educational program in Oregon)
STARSSequential T-Test Analysis of Regime Shifts
STARSState Training and Registry System
STARSStudents and Teachers As Research Scientists
STARSSaginaw Transit Authority Regional Services
STARSSouth Texas Academic Rising Scholars
STARSSpatial Technology And Remote Sensing
STARSSecurity Tracking and Authorization Request System (US DoD)
STARSSpace-Based Telemetry and Range Safety (NASA)
STARSSpecialized Treatment and Recovery Services
STARSStudents Teaching and Reaching Students
STARSSpill Technology and Remediation Series (NYS DEC petroleum-contaminated soil guidance policy)
STARSService Technology Alliance Resources (government contract)
STARSShort Track Auto Racing Stars
STARSStrategic Targeted Activities for Results System
STARSSPEC Taxpayer Assistance Reporting System (US IRS)
STARSSurface To Air Recovery System
STARSSound Trail and Rail Society, Inc.
STARSStudents Teaching and Advocating Respect
STARSSpacelift Telemetry Acquisition and Reporting System (aerospace)
STARSStudents Taking Action and Responsibility for Success
STARSStudents and Technology in Academia, Research and Service Alliance (US NSF)
STARSStudents That Are Really Special
STARSSTART Tracking And Reporting System
STARSSpace Transportation Accounting and Resources System (KSC)
STARSSouth Trenton Area Residents' Society (Trenton, NJ)
STARSStatus Tracking and Reporting System (Army ECPS)
STARSShared Transformation Acquisition Regulation System
STARSState Technology Assistance Resource System
STARSStudent Tools and Resource Skills
STARSStriving Through Adventure to Develop Responsibility and Success (Eric Walters book)
STARSSuperfund Transactions Automated Retrieval System
STARSSolar Thermal Aerostat Research Station
STARSSatellite Tracking and Ranging Station
STARSService Ticket Action Resolution System (US HUD)
STARSStandalone TRACON Automation Replacement System
STARSSurveillance, Target Acquisition & Reporting System
STARSScientific Task Force of Americans Residing in Space
STARSSonicMQ Tracking and Registration System (SonicMQ E-Business Messaging)
STARSStudents Tapping Academic Resources for Success
STARSShipboard Test and Repair System
STARSSuccess Through Academic and Recreation Support
STARSSmall Tethered Aerostat Relocatable Systems
STARSSite Training Activity Records System
STARSState Transaction Accounting and Reporting System
STARSShipment Track And Redistribution System
STARSSampled Traffic Analysis and Reporting System (Bellcore)
STARSStandardized/Standard Accounting & Reporting System
STARSSecret Transformer Autobot Rescue Squad (transformer toys)
STARSStandard TRADOC Automated Retrieval System
STARSShipboard Tethered Aerostat Radar System
STARSStandard Time & Attendance Reporting System
STARSSubmarine Towed Array System
STARSSports Training and Recreational Services (Avon Park, FL)
STARSSensor Test and Replay System (Flight Data System Pty, Ltd, Australia)
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Some while after, she thought fit to go into the forbidden precinct of Zeus, not knowing the law, and being pursued by her own son and the Arcadians, was about to be killed because of the said law; but Zeus delivered her because of her connection with him and put her among the stars, giving her the name Bear because of the misfortune which had befallen her.
1) All the appearances of different stars in a given place, or,
This center, formed of indefinite molecules, began to revolve around its own axis during its gradual condensation; then, following the immutable laws of mechanics, in proportion as its bulk diminished by condensation, its rotary motion became accelerated, and these two effects continuing, the result was the formation of one principal star, the center of the nebulous mass.
Henry was clearly amazed, but too kind to express all his doubts; he only said something about the difficulties of mathematics, and remarked that very little was known about the stars.
Skidder, who had cast her in his mind for the star part in a private, romantic (unspoken) drama in real life.
A LITTLE reason, to be sure, a germ of wisdom scattered from star to star-- this leaven is mixed in all things: for the sake of folly, wisdom is mixed in all things!
Looking at these stars suddenly dwarfed my own troubles and all the gravities of terrestrial life.
But a moment's observation of her figure as she stands in the window without any support, looking out at the stars --not up-gloomily out at those stars which are low in the heavens, reassures him.
Yes," I went on, "you are right, in the Stars we learn many things.
Before me the sun, moon, and stars, Behind me the phoenix doth clang; In the morning I lash my leviathans, And I bathe my feet in Fusang.
But very early in the morning poor Ogilvy, who had seen the shooting star and who was persuaded that a meteorite lay somewhere on the common between Horsell, Ottershaw, and Woking, rose early with the idea of finding it.
for he is the charmingest horse, and so beautiful and shiny and black, and hasn't another color on him anywhere, except a white star in his forehead, not just an imitation star, but a real one, with four points, shaped exactly like a star that's hand-made, and if you should cover him all up but his star you would know him anywhere, even in Jerusalem or Australia, by that.