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STARSYSStatus Tracking And Reporting System
STARSYSStatus Accounting and Reporting System
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For example, as a result of a trend toward more portable, more mobile type solutions, we have experienced an increasing number of requests for mobile Starsys WorkCenter configurations.
The high aesthetic appeal of Starsys WorkCenters in addition to Starsys mobile units, provide a truly complete system, which can be used facility wide.
The Starsys Workcenter is part of a mobile, modular-based system that enhances departmental productivity by allowing the user to easily reconfigure components within the unit, change the room's layout within the department, or relocate units to another area of the building.
The cassette can be used with the Starsys Unit Dose Medication Cart, Starsys Transfer Cart, and stationary or mobile units configured with inner polymer panels.
Metro's revolutionary Starsys system provides a highly organized, easy access systems approach to storage, transport and productivity centers.
Designed for environments where aesthetics are important and cleanliness is essential, Starsys Carts are a radical departure from conventional thinking about space and ergonomics.
All cabinets contain a Starsys Carousel[TM] rack capable of holding up to 11 scope managers.
Starsys carts have a small footprint for easy rolling though crowded hallways and areas where space is at a premium.
Starsys software enables the Metro sales representative to present computer-generated drawings along with your price quote.
In this colorful brochure, Metro features the Starsys scope storage cabinet, a high-density storage solution which provides quick access and retrieval, visual inventory, and identification.
The Starsys Isolation Cart offers the most storage in the smallest footprint available.