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STARTStrategic Arms Reduction Treaty
STARTStrategic Arms Reduction Talks
STARTStress, Trauma, Anxiety, Rehabilitation, Treatment
STARTSystem for Analysis, Research, and Training
STARTGlobal Change System for Analysis Research and Training
STARTStanislaus Regional Transit (California)
STARTSimple Triage and Rapid Treatment
STARTSouth Texas Accelerated Research Therapeutics (San Antonio, TX)
STARTSuperfund Technical Assessment and Response Team
STARTScientific and Technical Analysis and Response Team (US FEMA)
STARTSteroid Treatment as Regular Therapy in Early Asthma
STARTStudy of Terrorism and Responses to Terror (National Consortium for the)
STARTSki Today and Ride Today (Park City, UT)
STARTSimple Triage and Rapid Transport
STARTSelection of Thymidine Analog Regimen Therapy
STARTSynTactic Analysis Using Reversible Transformations
STARTStudent Technology Advice and Resource Team (Edmonds Community College; Edmonds, WA)
STARTSolutions To Avoid Red Tide, Inc.
STARTSelected Topics in Assurance Related Technologies
STARTSpecial Tactics and Rescue Team (Lansing, Michigan law enforcement)
STARTScientific and Technical Advisory and Response Team
STARTSavings Today and Rewards Tomorrow (trademark of US Bank)
STARTStudents Together Achieving Responsible Tasks
STARTSpacecraft Technology and Advanced Re-Entry Test(ing)
STARTSpecial Threat Awareness Receiver/Transmitter
STARTStudents the Active Risk Takers (Brampton, Ontario, Canada)
STARTSafety and Technical Assessment for Readiness of Technology
STARTStudents Tackling Abortion Realities Today
STARTSecurity through Advanced Research & Technology
STARTStart-Up and Accelerated Recruitment Team
STARTStudents Talking About Respect and Tolerance (Lewistown, Montana)
STARTStrategies for Teaching and Reaching Talents
STARTSprint Technical Applicant Resource Training
STARTSPAWAR Training, Administration, & Requirements Tool
STARTStop Teen Abusive Relationships Today
STARTSTIC Tracking and Reporting Tool (Sprint)
STARTSubstitute Teachers -- Accountable, Responsible, Teaching
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"And we start at three o'clock, for I am their man, and that which they say is to be done, I do.
You start out from the Balesuna and I start from the Berande.
He walked up, and a little boy, playing unconcernedly in the sunshine, started at his approach and fled quickly away: to him the stranger was the enemy.
Every eye, every opera glass, was turned on the brightly colored group of riders at the moment they were in line to start.
As soon as his back was turned, I went to my writing desk to start the story.
"Did you see me at the start? I almost ran over the pigeon.
If I couldn't drop him at the start, all I'd do is to keep away, smother up, an' wait.
"The great thing is to make a good breakfast," and he started with a couple of chops, saying that he would take these while they were hot, as the beef could wait.
"But it's nearly time for the show to start, and we don't want to be late.
Some of the Mangaboos discovered them as soon as they left the House of the Sorcerer; but when they started toward the mountain the vegetable people allowed them to proceed without interference, yet followed in a crowd behind them so that they could not go back again.
Then, accompanied by Umbopa, Khiva, Ventvogel, and half a dozen bearers whom we hired on the spot, we started off on foot upon our wild quest.
The night was not so dark but that, besides the lights at bows and mastheads gliding to and fro, they could discern some shadowy bulk attached; and now and then a ghostly lighter with a large dark sail, like a warning arm, would start up very near them, pass on, and vanish.