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STARTEAMSpecialized Target Area Registration Team (US FEMA)
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Micro Focus (LSE:MCRO) is launching StarTeam Express, a free version of its StarTeam software change and configuration management solution, the provider of enterprise application modernisation, testing and management solutions said on Monday.
Micro Focus said its StarTeam promotes team communication and collaboration through centralised control of project activities and digital assets.
The Express version, which is available for download, offers all of the features and functionality of the current StarTeam Enterprise edition.
StarTeam 5.3, meanwhile, features localization with support added for French, German and Japanese.
"The complex nature of today's eBusiness environment means that our solutions sometimes need to mesh with products and processes from a variety of other sources, StarTeam's open architecture enables that high level of integration."
"StarTeam was developed as an open environment to facilitate customization to each unique business," stated William R.
StarGate enables organizations to create applications, custom browsers, custom clients and knowledge portals that integrate with the StarTeam's collaborative framework.
The StarbaseMPX Server, which will begin shipping in August, accelerates the speed of information exchanged between StarTeam clients and the StarbaseMPX Server by employing the SmartSockets messaging architecture.
"Talarian's SmartSockets communication technology has enabled us to enhance the performance of our flagship product, StarTeam, and deliver dramatic improvements in developer productivity."
Contemporary Plc has released two products from StarBase Inc - StarTeam Web Edition and StarFlow - in the UK.
StarTeam Web Edition, which is targeted at dispersed project teams, enables direct access to all kinds of technical and non-technical development projects from anywhere through a secure web browser.
StarTeam and StarFlow cost GBP300+VAT and GBP340+VAT respectively.