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STASSuperman the Animated Seires
STASSt. Thomas Aquinas Seminary (Catholic religion)
STASShort Term Analysis Services
STASSafe To Arm Signal
STASShort-Term Advertising Strength (Denmark)
STASSpace Transportation Architecture Studies (US NASA)
STASStandard de Stat (State Standard; Romania)
STASSporadic Testicular Agenesis Syndrome
STASshort-term air supply
STASSubmarine Towed Array Sonar
STASShort Term Analysis Study
STASSouthwest Texas Aerostat System
STASSubmarine Towed Array System
STASStrategic Transportation Analysis System
STASStatistical Toll Analysis System
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{4} Temesa was on the West Coast of the toe of Italy, in what is now the gulf of Sta Eufemia.
"'Chi sta la?' he squeaked at last, gibbering and whimpering like a whipped monkey, so that I could not bear to miss his face, and got a match all ready to strike.
TABLE 1 List of BehaviorScan[R] Tests Included in STAS Validation Analysis Test Brand Test Design ## of Test Markets Brand A 50% Heavy Up 3 Markets Brand B 50% Heavy Up 2 Markets Brand C1 104% Heavy Up 2 Markets Brand C2 104% Heavy Up 2 Markets Brand D1 60% Heavy Up-Alt.
Second, Stimulated STAS is defined as the share of purchase occasions, or brand share, for the households that received at least one brand TV advertisement in the previous seven days.
The final STAS measure is defined as the STAS Differential, or the indexed ratio of the Stimulated STAS to the Baseline STAS.
Figure 2 is a representation of the STAS Differential and provides for a ready interpretation of the relationship of brand share as a function of households exposed and not exposed to a brand's TV advertising.
After developing the initial set of STAS measures representing the databases associated with the BehaviorScan[R] tests under analysis, the authors wanted to confirm that the results were within the range of results reported by Jones in his book, When Ads Work.
Figure 4 contains the STAS results representing the seven BehaviorScan[R] tests.
The next series of STAS measures the authors investigated [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 5 OMITTED] displayed the relationship between the average weekly STAS when it was based on purchase occasions versus volume share.
The following is offered as an overview of BehaviorScan[R], in that a thorough understanding of the BehaviorScan[R] system is critical for understanding the comparative results of BehaviorScan[R] tests with corresponding STAS levels.
Following some general guidelines, however, can increase an STA's chances of success.