STASESecurity Transformations Application Service Element
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This is critical because stases are progressive--we cannot successfully work on later stases until we have worked through prior ones.
The argument stases analysis in the Taliban messaging case study is a good example of a conceptual starting place for thinking through ends and means in persuasion.
The upshot of this is that drives are involved (in Dionysian fashion) with both generative stases and their destruction (something of which the Freudian "death drive" is exemplary), and in so far as Kristeva theorises this process as occurring within the "space" of the semiotic chora, it means that it "is no more than the place where the subject is both generated and negated", where its "unity succumbs before the process of charges and stases" by which it is produced.
Gonzalez, who for the last ten years has introduced a resolution to ban capital punishment, notes: "The United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights stases `No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.
The place of the subject's creation, the semiotic chora, is also the place of its negation, where its unity gives way before the process of charges and stases producing that unity.
It is in this way that myth appears in Harris's "Couvade" and The Four Banks of the River of Space as both a creative bridge between cultures and as a resource through which stases of oppression can be revised.
Kristeva, for example, has proposed the existence of a 'pre-Oedipal' language that originates in the 'chora', 'a non-expressive totality formed by the drives and their stases in a motility that is as full of movement as it is regulated' (93).
2d at 924-25 ("fill" material constitutes pollutant); United Stases v.