STASESecurity Transformations Application Service Element
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It is perhaps indicative of the reappraisal of the logic and feasibility of early stase venture capital that the popularity of the term 'seed capital' is rapidly diminishing.
L'incapacite du psychisme de regler l'excitation fait que les affects s'accumulent massivement (stase libidinale) et une decharge massive sera exigee.
a fixer et impossible a arreter, malgrd la stase corporelle.
veritable etat de stase parait tragiquement adopte par le prisonnier:
The novel is structured around five main time periods marked by corresponding migrations and stases, each constituting a distinct phase of family memory and personal history for Shakunt.
The stases help rhetors "choose among all things sayable about a debatable topic" (Prelli, 1989, p.
Kristeva adapts "the term <i>chora</i> from Plato's <i>Timaeus</i> to denote an essentially mobile and extremely provisional articulation constituted by movements and their ephemeral stases" (<i>Revolution</i> 25).