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Stasis eczema is also known as varicose eczema because it's common in people with varicose veins.
The highlight of this chapter is the perception of two female writers that travelling of new ideas is crucial to change from stasis to mobility, whether it is through networking with local, regional and global active elements, or by using modern media technologies.
The present hypothesis is that quercetin can increase the viability of the tissues within the zone of stasis of a burn due to its antiapoptotic and autophagy-inducing properties.
TCM believes that "blood stasis" and "Qi stagnation", which are due to upsetting emotions, are common syndromes.
STASIS has designed EURS specifically to satisfy growing demand on cryptocurrencies from European institutional investors.
Patients often have features of venous insufficiency that cause stasis, including varicose veins and brawny hyperpigmentation on the medical aspects of the ankles.
The eggs are then kept in stasis throughout childhood until they're needed as an adult.
Keywords: psoriasis, Kaposi's sarcoma, stasis dermatitis
SAN FRANCISCO -- If a patient presents with cellulitis on both legs, think venous stasis dermatitis, which is the number one misdiagnosis of cellulitis and a frequent cause of unnecessary hospitalization for so-called "red leg," according to Kanade Shinkai, MD, PhD.
This is a case of an arteriovenous fistula causing severe venous insufficiency with ensuant venous stasis ulceration.
This trial aims to compare the clinical advantages and characteristics of the two drugs based on the two most common TCM syndromes of CHD and AP, known as "Qi deficiency and blood stasis" and "Qi stagnation and blood stasis."
Primary enteroliths arise due to the stasis of the intestinal contents, and the underlying pathologies include diverticular disease, blind pouches, intestinal stenosis, and strictures.