STASSStandard Training Activity Support System (Navy-CNET)
STASSShort Term Air Supply System (emergency breathing system)
STASSSubmarine Towed Array Surveillance/Sonar System
STASSSurveillance and Target Acquisition Aircraft System
STASSSouth Tyneside Assessment of Syntactic Structure (language assessment tool)
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Construction will cost around $ 1.4 million and will take four to six months, so if the work is delayed for long, winter weather could be a problem, Stass admitted.
A spokeswoman from Betsi health board said: "e board will manage the practice from 1st April A and we will work with our GP colleagues and staSS from the GyY=n practice to minimise the impact."
A raft of money-saving measures were announced by the authority yesterday - including transferring the call centre staSS from Service Birmingham to the council's control.
Here's a list of all the female warriors I can think of: Luminara Unduli, Barriss, Shakti, Bultar Swan, Aayla Secura, Zam Wesell, Depa Billaba, Dorovio Bold, Stass Allie, Aurra Sing, Yaddle, Adi Gallia, and Leia Organa.
Wilhelm, cast: Leopold Rudolf, Charlotte Schellenberg, Klausjurgen Wussow, Horst Frank, Friedrich Joloff, Manfred Inger, Edgar Mandel, Herbert Stass, Max Strassberg, Lona Dubois, Ulla Moritz, Christiane Nielssen, Monique Ahrens; Death of a Salesman, United States, 1966, producers: Daniel Melnick, David Susskind, Marvin J.
The drug is known to achieve sufficient concentrations in uterine tissue within 24 hours of an intravenous administration in human patients (Stass et al., 2008) and also known to be effective against Mycoplasma genitalium, an etiological agent of sexually transmitted infection in human beings (Jemberg and Moi, 2007).
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