STASSStandard Training Activity Support System (Navy-CNET)
STASSShort Term Air Supply System (emergency breathing system)
STASSSubmarine Towed Array Surveillance/Sonar System
STASSSouth Tyneside Assessment of Syntactic Structure (language assessment tool)
STASSSurveillance and Target Acquisition Aircraft System
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Seat belt pre-tensioning technology was introduced by STASS to its Chinese customers in 2000, and has been applied to such popular platforms as Shanghai VW's Polo and Dongfeng Peugeot Citreon's Peugeot 307.
STASS will relocate from its current location in Shanghai city to a new, larger purpose-built 10,000 square meter facility in Anting.
John Jones, vice president operations, Asia Pacific, TRW Automotive, said: "We are proud to announce the expansion of our STASS and TACS facilities in Anting to support our Asia-Pacific customers.