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STAT6Signal Transducer and Activator of Transcription 6
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Meningeal hemangiopericytoma and solitary fibrous tumors carry the NAB2-STAT6 fusion and can be diagnosed by nuclear expression of STAT6 protein.
showed nuclear expression of STAT6 in 98% of a large series of SFTs displaying the presence of the NAB2-STAT6 fusion protein in the nucleus.
Here, we describe a suite of ddPCR assays for detecting and quantifying clinically relevant EZH2, STAT6, MYD88, and CCND3 mutations in B-cell lymphomas.
Transcription factors STAT6 and KLF4 implement macrophage polarization via the dual catalytic powers of MCPIP," Journal of Immunology, vol.
The nuclear expression of STAT6 protein was analyzed only in case 1, because during the data collection it was not possible to retrieve the sample of case 2.
It has been demonstrated that Th1 differentiation is influenced by STAT1, STAT4 and T-bet and Th2 differentiation is influenced by STAT6, c-maf and GATA-3.
STAT6 as an asthma candidate gene: polymorphism-screening, association and haplotype analysis in a Caucasian sib-pair study.
Association of STAT6 and ADAM33 single nucleotide polymorphisms with asthma bronchiale and IgE level and its possible epigenetic background.
Another important regulator of macrophage polarization is the enzyme JNK, which phosphorylates STAT6 (Shirakawa et al.
Gene silencing with STAT6 specific siRNAs blocks eotaxin release in IL-4/TNFalpha stimulated human epithelial cells.
29) Using immunohistochemistry, they could show that the antiinflammatory STAT6 signalling pathway is expressed mainly by oligodendrocytes, whereas the pro-inflammatory transcription factor STAT4 is expressed by microglia.