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* Statco Technologies Inc., which got $47,239 from PCIDC, is located at the Ft.
SBC, in its motion for summary judgment, said Davis' actions were apparently motivated by a fear that Statco Wireless Inc., a PCIDC investment, would be damaged by an earlier lawsuit by an SBC division seeking to enforce a noncompete agreement.
Davis said last week that, through PCIDC, he intends to make Statco a publicly traded company, and SBC's actions jeopardized that plan.
I'd done exactly what they had accused me of doing [in order to protect the Statco investment].
Southwestern Bell claims Statco Wire less violated the non-compete clause of its.
Statco quit selling Bell's products in February and announced plans to sell Nextel, Cricket, Alltel and SunCom products at two outlets each in Hot Springs and Pulaski County and one in Benton.
Pulaski County Chancery Court granted a March 5 injunction against Statco. A final hearing is scheduled for June.
Statco had to close it's cellular wireless stores, but the company's home security and satellite television store in North Little Rock is not affected by the injunction.
Statco opened an outlet inside the monstrous Hyper-Mart USA in Kansas City last month and a store at the Wal-Mart Discount City in west Little Rock.