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STATCOMStatic Synchronous Compensator
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El objetivo de este articulo es presentar el diseno de un control difuso, para aplicar en el SVC y STATCOM instalados en un sistema SMIB de manera independiente; se calculan las ganancias de cada controlador de forma heuristica y por medio de AG, PSO y COA, esto con el fin de distinguir la mejor respuesta a partir de los resultados de simulacion.
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FACTS devices like SVC and STATCOM can be interfaced with the National Grid where PV power plants are installed.
Power grid company AMSC (NasdaqGS:AMSC) reported on Wednesday the receipt of two new D-VAR STATCOM orders, valued at approximately USD6m, to supply a PQ-IVR Power Quality Solution to a semiconductor fabrication plant and a D-VAR Renewable Interconnectivity Solution to a wind farm in Australia.
In this study, the EAF voltage flicker mitigation is achieved by STATCOM, FACTS/BESS and FACTS/SMES.
Offering a continuous rating of 34 mega-volt-amperes reactive (MVAR) and a short-term rating of 91 MVAR, it is one of the largest STATCOMs (Static Compensators) ever deployed in the North American transmission grid.
Un STATCOM produce un conjunto de tres tensiones de salida con frecuencia, relacion de fase y magnitud ajustable, cuya conexion a un sistema se realiza a traves de una reactancia, usualmente la de dispersion de un transformador de acople.
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for the execution of 200 MVAR STATCOM each at Hyderabad, Udumalpet and Trichy.
The STATCOM (Synchronous Static Compensator) is avidly used for voltage regulation in distribution and transmission systems.
Modeling and analysis of a small signal of an induction generator and a STATCOM connected to a power system