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STATICStudents Taking Actions Together in Christ (Eaton, OH)
STATICStatistical Texturing Applied to Battlefield Induced Contaminants
STATICSilicon Technology for Automotive and Telecommunications Integrated Circuits
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Since 2016, Sussex IM has installed thirteen Meech 994IML Static Generators across nine of its IML systems, with two remaining systems currently in the process of converting as well.
Conveying pellets--and sometimes parts--into dryers, machines, hoppers, conveying lines, or wherever, generates static electricity.
consensus practice on static electricity, liquids can be divided into three classes: conductive (>10,000 pS/m), semi-conductive (50-10,000 pS/m) and non-conductive (<50 pS/m) (Table 1).
Researchers analysed cardiovascular risk factors, such as high blood pressure, overweight, diabetes and high cholesterol, as a function of self-reported static and dynamic activity (strength training or walking/biking) in 4,086 American adults using data from the 2005-2006 National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey.
The former requires a WSARN to run a specific process to localize the static sensor nodes in global coordinates before executing the assisted navigation algorithm.
It does not make sense to say "Buildings exceeding the plant static pressure ..." Static pressure is a function of the building height, and it starts from zero at the top coil to the maximum at the base of the system.
The results of that study confirmed other evidence from the Egyptian Demographic and Health Surveys (EDHSs) 2005, 2008 and 2014 showing that mobile clinics were a less common source of contraceptive methods than static clinics (6-8).
So the question arises: Does the residual disease that defines a static PGA of 1 matter to patients in terms of quality of life and days free of symptoms?
If you ride long enough through snow, fog and desert dust, you'll likely hear the audio signatures of static built up on the airframe.
Therefore, in pressure-airflow control, five control inputs--the speed of the SF and RF and the positions of the OAD, RCD, and RLD--are available to control three controlled variables: the supply air duct static pressure, the building static pressure, and the outdoor airflow rate.
Reportedly ideal for environments that may experience a build-up of static electricity, REEPOL's self-levelling antistatic coatings can be used in conjunction with Reeprime CPS conductive primer.
Diversified technology company 3M (NYSE:MMM) announced on Friday the completion of the sale of its global Static Control business to Desco Industries Inc.