STATISStudent Training Analysis and Tracking Information System
STATISShipment Tracking and Tracing Information System
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To verify this, we performed a secondary analysis of data (n= 19,719) using seven different multivariate statistical techniques: FA, PCA, Sparse PCA, Dual Statis, IRT, FD, and MGCFA.
year statis Wha song "I r had c died com suici "It war b brain how Pr to po Talki Be vated a per 2008 killed the a Th "It's easy for them to send people off tobut then they come back with their n like a blancmange and we don't know to deal with it?" roceeds from the new release will go ost-traumatic stress disorder charity ing2Minds.
"It suggests that whatever is happening to the pathobiology of atherosclerosis happens within a year, and somehow a statis is introduced into plaque.
In Venous Statis Retinopathy Group (9 Patients) all these patients had macular edema and were managed with Intra Vitreal Avastin with monthly follow up and repeat depending on the response.
: The mobile phone imports increased by 5.78 percent to $166 million during the first three months of this fiscal year from $156.926m a year earlier reveal fresh statistics of Pakistan Bureau of Statis tics (PBS).
Four years on and the statis Four years on and the statistics are not any better, meaning tics are not any better, meaning a generation of youngsters are a generation of youngsters are growing up with the spectre of growing up with the spectre of heart disease, diabetes and heart disease, diabetes and strokes in adult life, and putting strokes in adult life, and putting even more pressure on the even more pressure on the nation's health services.
You only have to look at the statis Y -tics to see that those medium-sized businesses - what we call the mid corporate market - that have done well during the past ve or 10 years, have achieved much of their success through overseas expansion.
Joel Dolipas, a truck helper said the truckload of Malaysian mums, American roses, African ivy, ferns, star gazers, tulips, baby's breath, statis, anthuriums, Benguet lily, and potted trees with an average height of two meters were delivered to one enterprise which will have its entry paraded in downtown Baguio in today's floral float parade.
Overall, each painting exhibits simultaneous binary tensions: abstract versus representative, statis versus momentary, weighty versus light, tender versus expressive.
Descriptive DNA sequence statis tics and calculations of nucleotide variation based on the Jukes-Cantor (JC) model were performed using DNAsp Ver.
Through the years, many possible competitors have appeared, including Pursue the Pennant, Replay, and Statis Pro Baseball, but only a few have become sustainable players in the market.