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STAUShort Term Assistance Unit (US Peace Corps)
STAUSpecial Technologies and Applications Unit
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Stanza 3: Stau si pierd nopfile-ntruna/Pentru fata mea./Am o singura fetita,/E Adriana.
Si prostii aia doi stau pana ii prinde Zmeul, caruia-in sfarsit!-i se aprind beculetele.
1995, 1996), two different Stomach Temperature Archival Units (STAU) were used.
Am o vila mare cu 70 de apartamente, care se cheama si bloc, in care stau si eu.
Tenders are invited for Seagate Stau 8000 300 Blackar Mour Nas 400 Network Storage Device With Four Numbers Of Seagate 2Tb Sata Internal Hard Disks.
He pointed out that, 'Our collaboration will not only add value but to enhance your economic potential and staus.'
Tenders are invited for Construction of road drain and patri works of anukool chandra banargi marg to toaror staus bansibhawan in tagro town
It has also not escaped my attention that those who shout the loudest are those who are doing very well from the staus quo.
However, while the installation of the Tokugawa Shogunate in 1603 had enshrined the samurai's lofty staus, the ensuing 250-odd years of peace had softened them up.
Launching an attack on the Centre, Naidu warned that the TDP will agitate more vociferously, if the central government didn't accord special category staus to Andhra Pradesh.
Officials also gave detailed briefing on staus of ongoing schemes.
Both Ireland and Afghanistan were accorded with Test staus earlier this year to become the 11th and 12th Test nations.