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STAVKAHighest Political-Military Authority of the Soviet Union in WWII
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After an initial burst of public support had worn off, Stavka's huge costs, as well as its uncompetitive food and drink prices, began to take its toll.
In particular, this includes multiple volumes in this series dealing with Stavka and Red Army General Staff orders and reports on the Battle of Berlin and a single 600-page volume containing a voluminous number of documents directly related to every aspect of the Berlin operation.
Through the machinations of General Tereshchenko and Khrushchev, who envy his success and want to take Predslavl ("the pearl of the Ukraine") for themselves, Kobrisov is forced to abandon his army and travel to Moscow to report to Stavka (General Headquarters) in Moscow, where, it seems, he will be demoted or forced into retirement.
Levashov, interrogation by the full committee, written answers to questionnaires (voprosnye punkty) brought to the prisoners in their cells, and confrontation of prisoners brought face to face to clarify conflicting testimony (ochnaia stavka).
Za nasu temu druga vazna stavka u teoriji gramatikalizacije jest cinjenica da jezicne jedinice ne prolaze kroz ovaj proces same po sebi kao samostojni leksicki elementi, nego u svojim uobicajenim sintagmatskim okruzenjima, tj.
Povzetek: V clanku predlagamo pristop k analizi besedila in zajemanju pomembnih informacij v obliki semanticnega grafa, ki je zasnovan na predstavitvi stavka s trojkami (osebek-povedek-predmet).
The band come to Glasgow's Stavka bar on April 7 to play to regulars in the courtyard area.
The pair met up on Thursday at the Stavka bar in Glasgow where they openly kissed and cuddled.
My bar Stavka in Glasgow is staging the Budweiser Compete Playstation League every Monday from 7pm.
The poor girl turned 30 yesterday and marked the occasion with a big party in Stavka then the Garage's swank cocktail bar in Glasgow.
Bubnov (1883-1963), who worked under the Grand Duke on the naval staff at the Russian Supreme Headquarters, Stavka, during the First World War, wrote that Nikolai Nikolaevich "combined in himself all the characteristics of strong willed personalities, i.e., he was decisive, exacting, and insistent." (3) And Commandant Jacques Langlois, a French officer who made regular visits to Stavka, commented in June 1915 that: