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"Go or stay," reiterated Wardour, "it's all one to me.
You see, it's the same with both me and the Poysers: if we stay, it's for our own worldly interest, and it looks as if we'd put up with anything for the sake o' that.
`I don't think it's right for you to stay there, feeling that way.
You'll stay on with me, and we shall both be all right, and I WILL tell you--I WILL.
Stay! And if thou wilt go, thou impatient one, go not the way that I came.
And he never had the heart to refuse them when they asked if they could stay with him.
We stayed, however, in this place from the latter end of July to the beginning of September, when having provided ourselves with other vessels, we set out for Cochim, and landed there after a very hazardous and difficult passage, made so partly by the currents and storms which separated us from each other, and partly by continual apprehensions of the English and Dutch, who were cruising for us in the Indian seas.
She used to stay in the country as a child, and the impression she had retained of it was that the country was a refuge from all the unpleasantness of the town, that life there, though not luxurious--Dolly could easily make up her mind to that--was cheap and comfortable; that there was plenty of everything, everything was cheap, everything could be got, and children were happy.
"I pray you," said he, "if any comrade will hear me, bid me neither eat nor drink, for I am in great heaviness, and will stay fasting even to the going down of the sun."
The Princess, however, entreated him to stay, saying that the next night would not be so bad, and in the end he gave in and stayed.
It is considered best to keep his expectations "on a string" until your stay in concluded.
"It is very cold here," he said; "but I will stay with you for one night, and be your messenger."