STBYStand by
STBYSucks To Be You
STBYSorry to Bother You
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Some pilots return the STBY switch to OFF instead of ON, perhaps in the belief that they are saving battery life.
The STE states for our example may then be defined as follows:.sup.2 Dcl type (radar, (state (Trlk rel, Rng rel, Stby rel, Trk not, Rng not, Stby not, Failed)).
We define these transitions by enumerating the elements of each relation as follows: (relation(reliable, ((Rng not, Rng rel), (Trk not, Trk rel), (Stby not, Stby rel)))), (relation(unreliable, ((Rng rel, Rng not), (Trk rel, Trk not), (Stby rel, Stby not)))), (relation(track, ((Rng not, Trlk not), (Rng rel, Trk rel), (Stby not, Trk not), (Stby rel, Trk rel)))), (relation(range, ((Trk not, Rng not), (Trk rel, Rng rel), (Stby not, Rng not), (Stby rel, Rng rel)))), (relation(standby, ((Trk not, Stby not), (Trk rel, Stby rel), (Rng not, Stby not), (Rng rel, Stby rel)))), (relation(failure, ((Trk rel, Failed), (Rng rel, Failed), (Stby rel, Failed), (Trk not, Failed), (Rng not, Failed), (Stby not, Failed)))).
For instance, the relation reliable specifies transitions from state Trk not to state Trk rel, Rng not to Rng rel, and Stby not to Stby rel.
then the priority relation can be defined as (relation(has priority ((Trk rel, Rng rel), (Trk rel, Stby rel), (Rng rel, Stby rel)))).
for instance, if we are interested in inquiring whether the condition RS down defined earlier holds or not, we define a set consisting of those states for which the condition RS down holds; that is, (set(down, (Trk not, Rng not, Stby rel, Stby not, Failed))).
On behalf of greve spildevand a / s and stevns spildevand a / s, the disposal of 2 bids is offered at greve slam mining plant and 2 at stby slam mining plant.
Contract notice: Climate proofing of part of Vejle stby.
Trude stby Dahl, CIO, NSB Group said, This engagement is strategic to our business continuity operations and we believe that Wipro is the best partner for us.