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STCAShell Technology Centre Amsterdam (Netherlands)
STCAShort Term Conflict Alert (Air Traffic Control)
STCASubject to Council Approval
STCASafe Third Country Agreement
STCAStaffordshire Terrier Club of America, Inc. (Houston, TX)
STCASkye Terrier Club of America
STCAScottish Tobacco Control Alliance
STCAScience and Technology Cooperation Agreement
STCAStandard Terms and Conditions Agreement (Gateway contract)
STCASomething to Crow About (quilt shop; Springfield, OR)
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Erin Simpson is a lawyer specializing in refugee and immigration law and counsel for the STCA federal challenge.
--Proceso de identificacion de CBP para extranjeros sujetos al STCA.
As already mentioned, ATC systems are equipped with the functions of short- and medium-term conflict detection (STCA and MTCD).
Corresponding positions of the vehicles in the STCA model are shown in Figure 1.
This is expressed in the STCA as authority by Canada or the United States to return a person to the country of last presence.
Cephalometric appraisals concerning mandibular region were carried out using Arnett and Gunson STCA (13) by the same researcher.
Gloria Nafziger, an Anglican who serves as refugee co-ordinator for Amnesty International Canada, said that while the STCA has always been problematic, recent events in the U.S.
Compared with NLCA and STCA, a performance evaluation on Middlebury datasets shows that the proposed method has higher correct matching rate.
The combination of visa restrictions, the STCA, and designating Mexico as a "safe country of origin" contribute to a marked decrease in the number of in-land refugee applications that were submitted by Mexicans in Canada since 2012.
(108) As can be seen in Table 7, according to the data provided, most claimants in 2013 who were denied access to the RAD to appeal first-instance refugee determinations decided on the merits were covered by an STCA exception (2,253 claims, 23.1% of claims referred).
There were no significant differences between the two groups with regard to the postoperative CFCA, CTCA, SFCA, and STCA values.
The explorers, headed by Hussein Abu Hassan, STCA vice president for antiquities and museums, said that the site is one of the important archaeological sites on the slopes where inscriptions dating back to the beginning of the fifth century BC of Allihiyaniah civilization are found.