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STCCSpringfield Technical Community College
STCCSwedish Touring Car Championship
STCCStandard Transportation Commodity Code
STCCSouthwest Tennessee Community College
STCCSouth Texas Community College
STCCSave the Children Canada (International Save the Children Alliance)
STCCStoke-on-Trent City Council (UK)
STCCSim Touring Car Cup (gaming)
STCCScience and Technology Coordinating Council
STCCSpecial Termination Cost Clause
STCCScience and Technology Collaboration Center (Naval Research Laboratory)
STCCSpace-Time Convolutional Coding
STCCSingle Track Circuit Code
STCCSandviken Trash Car Championship
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Where were the STCC regulations and why have they been scrapped?
The council-owned STCC, which adjoins the Bliss complex, is a crucial part of Sefton's visitor economy as the primary conference venue.
"Knowing the business as I did, I thought that was a negotiating position but I've come back and can assure you that we are right at our limit on STCC. There is no more money for wages.
STCC is proud to fly the I Am Team GB flag in the Teesside area.
After its close the STCC team transformed the venue for the International Dance Teacher Association's Annual Congress, which is taking place between July 9-12, featuring a series of dance competitions, lectures, workshops and an evening of cabaret with around 1,000 participants expected to attend.
Saudi Tabreed Cooling Company (STCC), announced the signing of a 1.84 billion Saudi riyal ($US 671.41 million) agreement with Saudi Aramco to develop
Following a collaboration between the organisation and the Southport Theatre and Convention Centre (STCC) the International Dance Teachers' Association has again chosen the area to host its annual three day congress until 2015 which will bring an estimated 1,000 delegates each summer.
STMicroelectronics' STCC 08 is positioned as the first solid-state AC-switch driver to integrate switch-supervision, allowing designers to save board space and reduce workload for mains-powered devices designed to meet IEC 60335-1 and IEC 60730-1 safety standards.
"If the STCC companies agreed to suspend the anti-dumping duty, Mexican cement could reach Gulf Coast and border states in days, keeping construction projects on track, avoiding unnecessary delays and possible layoffs."
The eight-page biweekly covering truck and rail transportation of lumber and panels is named for the common phonetic pronunciation of the acronym STCC 24, the Standard Transportation Commodity Code for lumber and wood products.
A famous politician, Theodore Roosevelt, once said that it was eminently sensible to "speak softly, but carry a big stick." In the case of major weapon systems acquisition, it is also sensible to carry a big STCC, but for other less obvious reasons.