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STCHStore High Conditions
STCHSutter Tracy Community Hospital (Tracy, CA)
STCHStandard Terms and Conditions for Hotel and Catering Industry (Netherlands)
STCHStar Trek Club Hannover eV (Hanover, Germany)
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The dry matter intake of cows fed with corn silage (CS) was 11.8, 9.6 and 11% greater (P<0.05) than cows fed with fresh sugarcane (FS), sugarcane treated with calcium oxide (STCO) or hydroxide (STCH), respectively.
BAD NIGHT AT OFFICEA dejected Nigel Worthington can't as his team sbattereds stch s POOR NET RESULT Stephen Ward grabs the opener for the Republic as Robbie Keane puts number two past Alan Blaney, above BRACE YOURSELFbbie Keane the second goals in sin stwo stes s last night.s A GOALblic players Stephen opener at s she sd's srate sWARD Aviva
Lamarre c Allard, 2008 QCCS 5266, [2009] RJQ 89; 3095-4333 Quebec inc c Service de transport STCH inc, 2007 QCCS 2442, [2007] RRA 731; Lacroix c Dicaire 2005 CanLII 41500 (Que CS) [Lacroix]; Sasseville c Vincent 2004 CanLII 56890 (Que CS); Gosselin c Vincent [2004] RRA 630 (available on CanLII) (Que CS); Buchwald c 2640-7999 Quebec Inc [2003] RRA 1427 (available on CanLII) (Que CS); Association des medecins traitant l'obesite c Breton, [2003] RRA 848, JE 2003-1339 (Que CS); Graf c Duhaime [2003] RRA 1004 (available on CanLII) (Que CS); Caron c Rassemblement des employes techniciens ambulanciers du Quebec (RETAQ), 2003 CanLII 738 (Que CS), aff'd REJB 2004-61201 (WL Can) (Que CA).
Hughes devised sound clusters like "lohorn" and "stch chchchcroooar," which the actor intuits isn't a declaration of love.
One regression was run for each dependent variable: LOS; the natural log value of LOS (LNLOs); total charge (TOTCH); standardized charge (STCH); and the log value of the standardized charge (LNSTCH).
In WordPerfect, a macro (<Alt>-Underline) underlines an subject headings: <F2> Srch: <Alt><F4> Begin block <F2> STch: * <F8> Underline
Omar, Vice President of Antiquities and Museums Department at STCH, underscores the significance of the exhibition, given the special relationship between the two neighbouring countries and their shared cultural and historical heritage.