STCRCSustainable Tourism Cooperative Research Centre (Australia)
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This paper provides an overview of some of the important contributions made by CEP during the life of the STCRC.
The economic impacts of adaptation to climate change in five regions of Australia were estimated to 2070 as part of a wider STCRC study on a Climate Change adaptation (Pham, Simmons, & Spurr, 2010).
There was a requirement inherent in research supported by the STCRC to not only generate knowledge through research but to communicate and in some cases commercialise that knowledge to end-users around the country.
The STCRC, for example, funded workshops for researchers to present, demonstrate and train end-users in the use of the Interpretation Evaluation Tool Kit.
The online newsletters of STCRC was used (further details of samples can be found in Wang, 2008).