STDDStory Test-Driven Development (software testing)
STDDSpectral Transform Decision Diagram
STDDStarfleet Tactical Defensive Division (Star Trek)
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Los atributos AREA y STDD son los que mas aportan en la identificacion de eritrocitos y parasitos.
Medidas geometricas AREA Area de la region AREAF Area de la region completa FERETMAX Feret minimo de la region (largo) FERETMIN Feret maximo de la region (largo) FERETRATIO Radio de los Feret maximo y minimo PERIM Perimetro de la region PERIMC Perimetro de la region convexa PERIMF Perimetro de la region periferica Medidas densitometricas MEAND Densidad media de la region STDD Densidad estandar de los valores densitometricos de la region MIND Valores de grises minimos de la region MAXD Valores de grises maximos de la region SUMD Suma de los valores densitometricos de la region Variables de estado TIPO Eritrocito o parasito EDAD 14, 28, 40 o 48 horas y no aplica ESTADO Infectado, no infectado, no aplica Tabla 2.
Tenders are invited for STDD Infrastructure Development Works as part of Special Investment Scheme KIIFB, Investigation works for the preparation of DPR for the work of Construction of New Academic Building for VTC and Hostel Building for Boys at Nadukani in Idukki District.