STDFScience and Technology Development Fund (various organizations)
STDFStandards and Trade Development Facility
STDFStandard Test Data Format
STDFSmall Towns Development Fund (Australia)
STDFSolar Technology Demonstration Facility (Australia)
STDFService Technique de La Documentation Fonçière (French: Land Information Technical Service)
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Vincent Isegbe, in his remarks also lauded the STDF and IITA in facilitating the project and elucidated the importance of ICT on certification and phytosanitary issues, quoting that ICT can serve the quickest platform for addressing the issues in seed sector development.
In recent years, the situation has been enhanced for Egyptian researchers in reaching digital references or applying for funds from Egyptian collaborative initiatives with the European Union or the STDF. However, one cannot overlook how researchers in Egypt are underpaid and how very little research facilities are available.
Driven by a common vision,"making cinnamon a one billion dollar industry", The Spice Council (TSC) and the Government of Sri Lanka received support from the Standards and Trade Development Facility (STDF) of WTO and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) to analyse the cinnamon value chain and identify the necessary interventions to translate this vision into reality.
The occurrence datasets for ENM were generated from all presence points (2460) randomly selected from the entire distribution of the three specialist species, following recently proposed protocols for STDFs (Werneck et al., 2011).
C31) and the Egyptian Science and Technology Development fund (STDF) (Grant no.
This work was supported financially by the Science and Technology Development Fund (STDF), Egypt, Grant no.
Moreover, the root mean square (RMS), crest factor (CF), skewness, frequency center (FC), root mean square frequency (RMSF) and standard deviation frequency (STDF) of each IMF were extracted as addition fault characteristic information.
STDF Information Session on Private Standards, private_standards_june08_e/private_standards_june08_e.htm (last visited Feb.
Legume clades also are very often confined to one patch of STDF (e.g., Zygocarpum and Wajira in the Somalia-Masai; Thulin & Lavin, 2001; Thulin et al., 2004), which suggests that SDTF species tend to inherit their approximate ancestral geographic position (i.e., dispersal limitation; Hubbell, 2001).
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