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STDMSocial Tenure Domain Model (UN)
STDMSynchronous Time Division Multiplexing
STDMStatistical Tdm
STDMSociedade de Turismo e Diversoes de Macau (Macau Society of Tourism and Entertainment)
STDMStatistical Time Division Multiplexing
STDMStatistical Time Division Multiplexer
STDMSynchronous Time Division Multiplexer
STDMSpace Technology and Disaster Management (OOSA)
STDMSpread-Transform Dither Modulation
STDMSanal Ortamda Türk Dermatoloji Müzesi (Turkish)
STDMSpot the Deliberate Mistake
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In this paper, a novel structural regularity-based JND model that meets human visual perception characteristics is proposed to generate the perceptual slack vector in the STDM watermarking scheme, which achieves better tradeoff between robustness and fidelity.
Sarkar solved the problem based on Angle Quantization Index Modulation (AQIM) within STDM framework [11].
Lanceford controls STDM. WILL WEIGH ON SJM SHARES SJM's shares were suspended on Tuesday after being partially suspended on Monday, prior to the announcement.
Consistent with this focus, conceptual activities undertaken during this time centred on various attempts to develop conceptual frameworks or ways of thinking about the defining characteristics of STDM as an approach to treatment decision making in the medical encounter and how this approach differed from other approaches commonly talked about and/or used; for example the paternalistic approach, the informed approach and the physician as perfect agent approach (4-8).
(8) There was a near-absence of slot machines in the STDM casinos and those that were present were dated and came from a limited number of manufacturers. (Click on "items sold directly by STDM" and type in keyword "spinal cord injury.")
In that year, a contract with the Macao Tourism and Amusement Company (STDM) expired.
Opened in November 1995 and jointly owned by the Macau Government and several Macanese and Chinese investors, the largest of which is casino monopoly STDM, the airport made a loss of 395 million patacas (US$50.6 million) in 1997.
The Fundacao Oriente, founded in 1988 to administer the cultural/social tax revenues of the Sociedade de Turismo e Diversoes de Macau (STDM), has developed into a private foundation of international significance.
Means of plant height (PH), ear insertion height (EIH), stem diameter (SD), root volume (RV), leaf area (LA) and root (RDM), stem (StDM), leaf (LDM), tassel (TsDM), shoot (ShDM) and total dry matters (TDM) in the maize crop cultivated in greenhouse, as influenced by doses and forms of A.
Byline: DARREN FULLERTON Ulster v La Rochelle Pool 1, Kingspan Stdm, 1pm