STDPSpike Timing Dependent Plasticity
STDPShort-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy
STDPSelective Toluene Disproportionation (petrochemicals)
STDPShort-Term Disability Plan (various organizations)
STDPSpares Technical Data Package
STDPSorry to Double Post
STDPSingle Throw Double Pole (switch; electronics)
STDPSimple Trusted Delivery Protocol (electronic commerce)
STDPSubmarine Tactical Development Program
STDPSystem Test & Deployment Program
STDPSystems Technical Data Package
STDPScalable Task-Duplication-Based Scheduling for Pipeline (algorithm)
STDPSecret Diplomatic Transit Payment (Internet crime)
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Furthermore, the spatial scale of connectivity patterns is reliant on wave speed and STDP time constant, reinforcing the novel idea of the 4D component of the synaptic activity.
"Facial tumour disease travels from devil to devil through the landscape and clearly in the past devils did get through there," David Pemberton, STDP manager, told ( ABC Australia .
If STDP can be induced noninvasively by targeting direct transcallosal connections between M1s in the human brain, then this approach could offer a neuromodulation approach to restore the balance of interhemispheric activity after stroke.
The spike timing-dependent plasticity (STDP) is thought to be a more physiologically realistic approximation of how plasticity may be induced in vivo; however, it is not without its limitations, as plasticity can occur without synaptic input (Cummings et al., 1996) and without spikes (Fino et al., 2009).
(2) may not be plastic (while STDP plasticity was used in [11], it was noted there that synaptic plasticity can be harmful because it makes the conversion unstable),
Taj se bioloski proces koji regulira snagu veze medu neuronima u mozgu naziva STDP (Spike-Time-Dependent Plasticity) (Song, Miller i Abbot 2000).
Duygu Kuzum, a member of the Stanford team, said GST's ability to change its resistance has allowed them to program it to dynamically modify the strength of the nanoscale artificial synapses they have built - just like STDP. This lets them prioritise which neural signals are most important to any given task.
Funding for this research was provided by the University of Arkansas Agricultural Experiment Station and grants from the USDA Forest Service Southern Research Station and USDA Forest Service Forest Health Protection STDP and FHM programs.
Thioester antioxidants such as Cyanox LTDP, STDP, 1212, and 711 liquid synergize with phenolics for in-service stabilization of polyolefins and other polymers.
These methods, including short-term dynamic psychotherapy (STDP) have been used to diagnose and treat somatization effectively since the 1980s.
The remaining 51% will be held by VTR SGPS SA, a holding company for the interests of Banco Espirito Santo, Parfil, Fundacao Bissaya Barreto, Olinveste and STDP. The S&N group comprises brewing, wholesaling and beer retailing in the UK, Ireland, France and Belgium.