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STDSSustainable Tourism Development Strategy (Protected Areas Network Parks Foundation; Hungary)
STDSStudio Set
STDSSouth Tibetan Detachment System (geology)
STDSSystem for Thermal Diagnostic Studies
STDSSystem Transition and Deployment Strategy
STDSSubmarine Tactical Display System
STDSSystems Technology Departmental Services
STDSStone-Tissue-Detection System (laser lithotripsy)
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Washington, DC-based STD advocacy organization National Coalition of STD Directors (NCSD) has called for an increase in STD funding following a release by the World Health Organization (WHO) saying cases of untreatable "superbug" gonorrhea are rising around the globe, the group said.
This sample included cities and counties with the 50 highest number of reported cases or rates of STDs in 2010 and the six cities directly funded by CDC's Division of STD Prevention.
And most STDs, including HIV, are treatable, and many are curable.
The STD Project's award-winning website builds on the success of the PositiveSingles.
A cross-sectional study of knowledge and awareness regarding STDs was conducted among regularly attending male students, Taif University (2012).
Many STDs are without symptoms, so it's important to ask your health care provider about getting screened for STDs, to talk to your partner openly about the potential for sexually transmitted infections and to discuss condom use.
Young people, around 20-25 years of age, are most at risk from contracting STDs according to Ketonis.
Royer explained that if women seeking STD testing believe that they are being tested for "all STDs," they may inaccurately believe that they have tested negative for pathogens that have not been included, such as HIV or herpes.
In one empirical analysis, the belief that others hold negative attitudes toward individuals with STDs was positively associated with the interval between adolescent females' recognition of STD symptoms and their decision to seek care.
The characteristics include whether the partner has a problem with marijuana or alcohol, was at least five years older or younger, had been in jail, had sex with other people in the past year, or had an STD in the past year.
Screening and early treatment can prevent some of the most devastating effects of untreated STDs.
After accounting for differences in the number of sexual partners and the frequency of sex without a condom, the researchers calculated that circumcision decreased a man's risk of getting an STD to less than one-third the risk in uncircumcised men.