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STEADYSpecial Training and Employment Assistance for Disadvantaged Youth
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Her eyes rested on Horace with a steady, glittering calmness.
But the vacancy did not occur, nor did a steady job; and I employed the time between odd jobs with writing a twenty-one- thousand-word serial for the "Youth's Companion." I turned it out and typed it in seven days.
His hand was steady when he began to read, but it trembled a little by the time he had finished.
The scout directed Heyward and his disconsolate fellow travelers to seat themselves in the forward end of the canoe, and took possession of the other himself, as erect and steady as if he floated in a vessel of much firmer materials.
"You are at the foot of Glenn's," returned the other, speaking aloud, without fear of consequences within the roar of the cataract; "and the next thing is to make a steady landing, lest the canoe upset, and you should go down again the hard road we have traveled faster than you came up; 'tis a hard rift to stem, when the river is a little swelled; and five is an unnatural number to keep dry, in a hurry-skurry, with a little birchen bark and gum.
Ready Steady Cook was presented from 2000 until 2010 by Ainsley Harriott, who replaced Fern Britton, and notched up history as the longest-running cookery show on British TV screens.
When I refer to "steady pace" marketing communications, I'm not saying energetic bounds don't have their place.
You may have heard of steady state's more popular and vigorous, counterpart-HIIT or high intensity interval training.
has announced it has partnered with Steady, the income optimization platform, the company said.
The ONS' head of inflation Michael Hardie said: "Prices paid by consumers continued to rise at a steady rate."
Class A2018-01 current rating (Charge-off steady state = 6.5% and MPR steady state 14%): 'AA+sf'
Therefore, steady flow of buying orders originating from spinners and some exporters did not disturb the price line.