STEAPSmall Town Economic Assistance Program (Connecticut)
STEAPSix Transmembrane Epithelial Antigen of the Prostate
STEAPSchool Team Excellence Awards Program
STEAPShore Test Equipment Allowance Program
STEAPSummer Transitional Employment and Assessment Program
STeaPSuper TEA People (vodcast)
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Eastford was not on the list of communities receiving STEAP funds.
The other three towns are near or approaching the cap of $500,000 that can come from STEAP in a single year.
STEAP will fund housing projects, transit programs, recreation and solid waste disposal projects.
The money from STEAP can only be used for capital projects and the Office of Policy and Management, which administers the program, has specific funding guidelines.
STEAP will not award money to build a new storage shed, although some money could be available for the department's other renovations.
Last year, he said, STEAP made $20 million available to small towns but received $32 million in applications.
Its prostate-specific expression suggests that drugs targeted to STEAP may have a favorable safety profile.
Researchers at UroGenesys identified the STEAP gene by comparing RNA sequences isolated from patient-derived specimens of prostate cancer to sequences isolated from benign prostatic tissues.
Key to the STEAP gene discovery was UroGenesys' use of its proprietary xenograft mouse models that mimic the progression of advanced prostate cancer in humans, including the development of metastatic and hormone refractory disease.