STEBState Tax Equalization Board (Pennsylvania)
STEBScience Teaching Efficacy Beliefs
STEBStandard Test and Evaluation Bottle
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21 of them were localized by data of the OKC, KLOK and STEB seismic stations using also data from other seismic stations of the IPE, e.
STEB received its ISO 14001 environmental certificate in 2000, making it the first coal-operating boiler with a certified heat network in Europe.
STEB = State tax equilization board ratio divided by 100.
Data from the array (KLOK, STEB, FULN, RADI, PALK) and re-opened station KLOK was gathered roughly monthly at individual sites by means of its transcription from PC HD or flashcard to HD of the laptop.
In addition, the proposed budget does not account for the recent adverse decision of the STEB, which could also impact the amount of property tax revenue incorporated into the coming year's budget.