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"Now Christos wants me to drop the court case against him if I am ever to see Stedi. If I went over I would have to give my passport to his family so I couldn't run off with my son.
When the Greek court ruled in her favour in September, Mrs Taylor thought Stedi would be back home for Christmas but now she is unsure when she will see him again.
Boston school applicants with minimal classroom teaching experience are required to pass a national substitute training course from STEDI with a score of at least 85 percent.
STEDI also offers SubSkills, a college-level course to help individuals without teaching certificates be successful as subs.
[9] Key World Energy Statistics, International Energy Agency (IEA), "Evolution from 1971 to 2010 of World C[O.sub.2] emissions by region," Stedi Media, 2011.
The couple married in England in December that year and Stedi was born in Birmingham in August 1996, but the relationship deteriorated and they finally split in May last year.
Mr Kerpetzis took his son back to Greece on the understanding that he would spend the summer with him and then return to England with his mother but Mrs Taylor saw Stedi for the last time on August 4.
It reveals that despite the lawyer's assurances no arrest warrant had been served on Mr Kerpetzis since the Greek courts gave Mrs Taylor sole custody of Stedi last September.
Mrs Taylor said she was forced to rely on hand-outs and, by August 1997, decided she had had enough and returned to Birmingham with Stedi. The couple finally split last May.
"I couldn't believe it was Stedi on the end of the line.
Although Mrs Taylor won custody of Stedi from the Greek courts in early September, she has heard nothing since.
I wanted to go over and get Stedi myself but the family said everything had to be done properly.