STEGASkeletal Tissue Engineering Group Amsterdam (Netherlands)
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Wuisman and Smit are affiliated with the Skeletal Tissue Engineering Group Amsterdam (STEGA).
"We'd want to make sure it was ready to provide a safe environment for the child," said Jeanetta Stega, who is working with Del Priore.
However, if the delay gets longer, another P3 may be emitted during the delay (Nittono, Bito, Hayashi, Sakata, & Hori, 2000; Ruchkin, Sutton, & Stega, 1980).
Pretty fair-haired Barbara Heath, aged 24, of Piercefield Place, Heath, Cardiff, pictured below, married to an already demobbed GI and who has an 18-month-old daughter, is on her way to Stega, Illinois.